How to Maintain a Green Home

What do you need to know about green home maintenance? Having a green home is not just about redesigning the whole area or building a house with eco-friendly products and furniture. It is about living in it and with it. Thus, maintaining your green home is the ultimate objective once you have decided to live in a place like that. The good news is that it won’t take you a lot of time or many things to do just to assure green home maintenance. Just keep your head up and always remember what to do. Also, make certain that each of your family members or roommates is following the same. Below is the list of how to keep a green home.

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1. Know when to Turn the Lights Off

A very simple instruction that is also easy to remember by family members is to turn the lights off when they are not in use. A perfect example is when you leave a room and every light needs to be turned off. What’s the use of keeping the lights on if you are not in that room? It is a definite waste of money and not a good way of maintaining a green home.

Another instance when to turn off the lights is when you need to sleep at night. Unless you can’t sleep without some lights on, it is a must to turn off lights. For the case of your small children who are afraid of the dark, you may only turn on a single light, like the lamp on the desk. If there is a much better alternative, that is the use of glowing stickers. They are certainly eco-friendly items that you can also have to replace lights.

2. Open Windows all the Time

Forget about your air conditioner or electric fans when you have several windows needed to open. This can give enough air, as well as light, inside your house, which ultimately encourages you to not use any fan or turn on the air conditioning system for some time. This is how you can save some bills, while you inhale fresh and healthy air instead of artificial coolness. In addition, there is ventilation that can help reduce indoor pollution. It is possible to have indoor pollution if every window in your house is closed. You need to get rid of fumes too and opening the windows is the solution.

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3. Place Furniture Near the Windows

To ensure you get enough air and light from the outside, have your furniture sets placed near the windows. Your couches, where you can sit to read your favorite book or check some news on the newspaper, must be placed just a few inches away from the windows. Your bed must also be set in an area of the room where the flow of air comes in straight to you. Doing like these does not only provide you a much easy way to get natural air, but also give you enough light, so you can turn off the lights during the day. Remember how simple this is that can help you have a green home maintenance.

4. Plug Electronic Devices

Now let’s go to the electronics and appliances that require energy so they can operate. Most homes nowadays have different devices that need to be plugged to get electricity. There is the television, the DVD players, the radio or music entertainment device, computers, and video game consoles in the living room. In the kitchen or dining room, you have the oven, blender, refrigerator, and electric stove. Those are just two rooms that contain a lot of electronic devices. How much more if we go to each of the bedrooms, the washing or laundry room and other parts of the house? The best solution that refers to green home maintenance is to use a power strip. This enables you to plug all electronic devices and appliances together and turn them off all at once if you do not use the room.

5. Use Eco-Friendly House Items

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Lastly but not the least, use items or devices that are eco-friendly. This is another solution on how to maintain a green home. The more environmentally friendly items you have the more chances for you to save your bills. As much as possible, buy devices and appliances that have energy star label. These are products with standard compliance that experts recommend about energy-saving and money-saving tips.

Other than that, use cleaning products that are organic. Vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda are some of the most common household tools that you can use for cleaning and removing stains. This is yet another means to achieve green home maintenance.

It won’t be difficult to do some actions that pertain to green home maintenance at all. Even if they are not easy, the results are good anyway. They benefit you in two things, which are how to save money and how to keep your home green and eco-friendly.



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