How to Keep Your Energy Going while at Work

There are certain habits that can make a person idle and inactive when working. Those should be avoided and stopped, but rather replaced with healthier habits and energy-booster activities. Here are some of the things you should do and others that must not tolerate at all.

1. Exercise before Heading to Work

It only takes 30 to 60 minutes to do a workout. You can run around your neighborhood, use your home treadmill or ride a bike in the street early in the morning. Do this routine at least three times a day if you cannot do it for the rest of the week. But remember the fact that it helps keep you alive and energetic, which is a good stimulator for a day’s work.

2. Make a Habit to Stand Behind Your Desk

While the swivel brings comfort to your daily work, it can also restrain you from being active. If you sit for hours the whole day, and that’s five times a week, sometimes, you need to stand while doing paperwork, too. Once you feel like you are being lazy or sleepy, then better stand.

3. Put Candies, Water and Coffee Away

If you have to stand to get a cup of free coffee, courtesy of the monthly budget of your company, then that’s a good help. It lets you get out of your chair once in a while, which is an effective way to make you less sedentary. Even the candies and water that you bring should be kept somewhere but your table.

4. Keep Your Personal Email and Social Networking Accounts Off

The computer in an office, whether it is a company or personally own, is supposed to be used for work only. That means you must not be logging into your personal email, unless that is the same one you use for work and business. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social network sites where you have an account must be also avoided. These are usually the temptations in any office with computer and smartphone access. You must never also switch your chat messengers on your computer or phone. This does not only slow down your work but also make you risk your employment.

5. Skip the Elevator

Unless you are late or try to catch up a time, take the stairs when going to your cubicle or conference for meeting. This serves as an additional workout that keeps your energy level at maximum. You should do this more often as much as possible, like going down for lunch or giving a document file to a co-worker from another floor.

6. Eat Healthy Lunch

Never skip lunch while at work, but at the same time choose meals that help boost energy. Healthy lunch should be a priority, especially if you are just half way through with your daily work. In addition, stay away from eating in your desk, except if you need to when you are rushing time.

7. Drink Lots of Water

Also, it is essential to consume more than 8 glasses of water a day, especially when you are working. Since you spend most of the time at work, this is the only place where you can have the chance to drink. It is alright to drink some energy beverage, but water is still the best liquid that rehydrates the body.

Keep your energy alive and going for a more productive work in the office. These seven things should be kept in mind and do. They are helpful to make you more active and less lazy. It is also a great way to avoid getting lazy.



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