How to Invite Butterflies and Birds into your Garden or Yard

A garden looks more fantastic if there are colorful butterflies swarming and birds chirping from the trunk of a tree. The question is how are you able to invite insects and birds in a way that they do not damage your plants? Here are some creative and ideal suggestions to do that.

Butterfly Feeder

Butterfly Feeder

Unlike mosquitoes and grasshoppers, butterflies are insects that a gardener would tolerate to have in her yard. That is because they are much cleaner, less distractive to the growth of plants, and safer to kids and pets compared to other insects. They are not considered pests at all, but rather good pollinators. So, what you need to do is to make a feeder for butterflies.

There are many easy do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas you can follow. One example is to use a bottle of eucalyptus or honey mixed with water that you can display near flowers. The scent of this can attract butterflies.

Bird Feeder

It would be also nice to have some cute birds visiting your garden. Hearing them chirp early in the morning and seeing them just sitting on the tree during the afternoon is a good motivator. It makes you appreciate nature and life more.

To entice birds, you need to make a feeder. There are three different choices of feeders for birds. You can opt for a natural bird feeder, a slinky bird feeder, or a bottle bird feeder.

When you make a feeder for birds, you have to recycle an item. You can have a used plastic bottle that you can hang in a tree. Just fill in the bottle with bird feeds and make some small holes to stick a long wooden spoon in which the birds get food.

Another item to use for feeding bird is a slinky. Make a ring, so you need to attach it at the end and fill in some bird food. You can just hang this as well to attract different species of birds.

Create a basket from a natural material. One good example is the orange peel. Make it a basket and fill in some food for birds, and then you hang it on a tree. Basically, this is much easier and faster to make.

Prevention against Pests

Some insects like bees, beetles and wasps are also pollinators, but they are not safe to human, especially kids, and animals, on other circumstances. Bees, for instance, are dangerous to people, even though they can be a great pollinator of your flowers.

One way to prevent having other insects that you do not want in your garden is to get rid of having yellow flowers. Most insects including wasps and bees are very much attracted to yellow flowers. You may have other floral plants in various colors, but less or no yellow ones.

Another effective solution against unwanted insects is to use castor oil. Apply or dab some amount of this oil on the petals of your flowers. This helps shoo insects away. It is also a good idea to put some castor oil on the feeder of birds and butterflies, so no ants and bugs would steal food.

To have beautiful birds and butterflies in your garden, use the best bait, which is food. So, the feeders suggested on this page are great ideas to make. Besides, you do not have to spend a huge amount of money. In fact, you won’t even shell out a single dime if you can just use a recyclable item. After all, it does not require you a lot of time and energy to make a bird and butterfly feeders.



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