How to Grow Your Green Onions

Do you know that you can use the same stalks of green onions for a long period of time? Most people actually use a batch of green onion stalks in one cooking, then they buy another set of stalks the next time they cook. Through the method of re-growing, you can absolutely avoid buying green onions from time to time!

Okay, you may think it’s a little weird to do that, but it is a fact! You can re-grow green onions and keep cutting some parts of it that you can use and add to any dish you make.

You can also display a vase of green onions on your dining table. It can beautify the table and create a different style. Believe it or not, there is something that green onions on display that catches your attention.

Here are the steps on how you can grow and re-grow your green onions.

Step One: Get a Container

The first thing to do is to find a container, whether it is a plastic bottle or a glass one. It is best that you recycle your bottle or jar. You do not need a big or wide one. Just have a container that fits your green onions, so it depends on how many stalks are there that you want to take care and grow.

Step Two: Fill in Water

Add water to the container, about 1/3 or 1/2 of the size. The water must be changed from time to time, because it has the tendency to become dirty and nestling are for insects, including mosquitoes. Once the water becomes gray or dark in color, then it needs to be replaced.

Step Three: Tie the Stalks

When you prepare foods that include green onions as ingredients, do not throw the bottom bulbs. That’s what you have to preserve in order to re-grow them. Loosely tie a few stalks of green onion bulbs using a rubber band or yarn and that’s it!

Optional: You may plant the bulbs of green onions. This is a basic planting method, but sometimes it is a hassle for homeowners. Yet, it is as effective as re-growing them in container filled with water. You can still opt for this, especially if you have lots of green onion stalks.

You probably wonder how does long green onions grow. It does not take a long time for green onions to grow when they are soaked in clean water. After a day, you will see that each stalk has started to grow. You will notice the gradual growth day by day. After 10 to 12 days, it will be long enough to make some cuts and use those bits as additional ingredient to your favorite recipes.

Re-growing is something environmentally friendly. You do not waste a single stalk of green onions. It is like recycling that you can use over and over. Although green onions are not expensive to buy and easy to plant, re-growing these tiny plants is as fun as cooking any meals.



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