How to Deal with the Death of Your Pet

So sorry to hear about your loss, but as long as you live, there is always a way to move on and remain happy. It is not easy to lose a very precious you love and care for. They may not be as nearly as humans in terms of abilities and other things, but animals have heart and feelings that can make connections to you. Whether you have lost a dog, a cat, a bird, or even a turtle, learning how to cope with it is important. Here are some healthy and helpful things you should do when you are in the process of grieving and healing.

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1. Don’t Hide Your Feelings

It is alright to mourn, but it must not be a case where you stuck yourself in your room. You still have to live a normal life. You may post a status with a photo of yourself and your baby and let your family and friends know how you feel. There is nothing wrong if you do that. Just do not make it too hard for yourself. Believe it or not, you can still pass it over time. So, let time help you heal the wounds of your heart.

2. Keep Reminders Off the Grid

To help you easily cope with the death of your pet, it is best that you remove things that can remind you. Throughout the mourning phase, it won’t’ be healthy at all to see your dog’s bed or cat’s collar. If you are not yet ready or interested to throw them, just keep them in a storage bin. By the time you have moved on it won’t be tears but smiles on your faces as you remember the good old times.

3. Never Get a New Pet Yet

It is not definitely a good idea or a healthy option to take another pet at home. If you plan to adopt a new dog, do it when you are fully recovered from this circumstance. The tendency is that you may not really love the new pet, and you might end up not caring too much at all. Plus, you cannot replace what you have lost, because animals have different characteristics and you fall in love with them in unique way.

4. Show Strength, Happiness, and Energy to Your Other Pets

Pets have senses and feelings. They know if you are happy, sad, scared, etc. The grief feeling you have can also affect their mood. You do not want them to be lazy and less energetic. So, it is best that you do not show to them that you are sad.

5. Spend Time with Your Family

Do not allow to watch television by yourself. You need some support and encouragement. The best people to go to are the closest in your heart. Hence, family is a great choice to spend some quality time with during this tough moment of yours. You can also resort to your friends just like other normal times with them.

6. Reach Out to a Professional or a Group of People with Lost Pets

It can also be helpful if you talk to people who can understand you the most in a deeply manner. Those are people who have also lost pets, whether just recently or not. You can join a discussion group where you all can meet and encourage each other. It is not a bad idea to vent out to a professional, too. It can be a counselor, a psychologist, or an expert in animals, such as Cesar Milan, who is called the “Dog Whisperer.

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7. Do New Activities

Another fantastic idea to help you move on is to try new things. You can do old habits and interests if you want. But doing something new is more thrilling. It is a great way to divert your grieving feelings and sad moods into a more positive one.

Time is the real best friend when it comes to the process of moving on. The first phase of this is to let yourself mourn. Eventually, you are able to pass that and go back to normal stuff. So, be very optimistic that you can really cope with this situation.



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