How to Avoid or Limit the Use of Plastic Grocery Bag

There are many ways that you can do to limit or even avoid the use of plastic grocery bag. Many countries around the world now implement the ban of using plastic bags. Some commercial establishments, aside from grocery stores, have started using paper bags or recyclable bags and boxes for packing. What if your community is not practicing the same thing? You can start the trend yourself until more people realize the essence of using recyclable and reusable, or biodegradable grocery bags.

The Serious Problem with Plastic Bags

The reason why you need to do this thing is to raise awareness of the bad effect of plastic materials on your health and in your community. Plastic grocery bags can contribute to the deadly effects of pollution, climate change or global warming, flood and others. Since plastic bags are non-biodegradable, the use of them is a serious factor why the environment is continuously affected. If each and every person on earth is responsible to dispose plastic bags properly or recycle grocery bags, our surrounding becomes healthier, friendlier and better.

Some Common Bad Effects

Plastic bags are made from chemicals, which are very harmful to the health. The chemicals are plain toxic that can certainly affect anyone’s health, regardless of the age. People who are weak, like those who have asthma, are much easier to get polluted with toxins.

The community is also affected by plastic bags. You can see them in different parts of the street, in the grass, everywhere. Once these enter holes, small canals and even water, they can create a trap of the flow of water making it hard to release water where it should go. Consequently, it can cause flood within the residential places and commercial areas nearby.

Generally, plastic bags cause different issues in the earth. These include air and water pollution, which is already common anywhere in the world. Thus, people suffer from various types of illnesses due to climate change.

The Solutions

To avoid the problems mentioned above, you better replace plastic bags with paper bags or reusable bags. The paper bags, which are usually brown in color, are biodegradable because simply they are made of paper that can be dissolved or reused for other purposes. Recyclable or reusable bags are those that can be used more than once. They are mostly made of fabric, which is another reason why it can perfectly replace paper bags.

With these tips, you can avoid or limit the use of plastic bags. Even though most grocery stores and other commercial establishments in your area are not implementing or encouraging the use of recyclable and biodegradable bags, you can start it with you. A small act like this can somehow help prevent the occurrence of such issues that can have an effect on the health, the community and the earth. Just always keep in mind in avoiding the use of plastic bags as much as possible.



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