How Safe Are Your Cosmetic Products

As of today, there are many kinds of beauty products available. Most women, including teenagers can’t help but buy those products. One way or another, the use of cosmetic products is exclusively for the enhancement of appearances. The thing is, have you question yourself regarding the bad effects of those beauty items? They may look you more beautiful, but only for a short period of time, but what about if you get allergic reaction? How long are you going to suffer with some rashes like acne on your skin? Below is a list of common cosmetic products, which will give you an idea of the harmful effects you may get from using them.

1. Anti-Wrinkle Cream

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Beauty cream for the face, especially anti wrinkle ones, is popular among ladies with ages 25 and above. As its name suggests, this kind of product is intended to help prevent wrinkles, or in other words, it makes the face look younger. But like other well known cosmetic products, anti-wrinkle cream also has bad effects on the face. Collagen, which penetrates the skin to become better and lanolin, which contains carcinogens, dioxins and pesticides, are two of the main ingredients of anti-wrinkle cream. Elastin, liposomes, lanolin and collagen cannot stop wrinkles to re-appear in time. These ingredients can only soften and moisturize your skin giving you youthful appearance, but only for awhile. When you buy those products and apply most of the time, you are only wasting your money and time.

2. Foundation

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Foundations are known for making the facial skin free from oil. There is what it is called a liquid foundation, which contains mineral oil known as petrochemical pollutant, and the downside of this is that it has bad effect on the skin of the face. This kind of foundation can harm your hormones that lead your face skin to not detoxify, and attract more moisture. One more kind is the sunscreen foundation. This one has mineral oil that contributes in the development of colon, breast and skin cancer, which are not good at all. Another thing is that foundation actually gives you premature aging, and your skin cannot easily renew. Because of these disadvantages, it must be lessened to use of this particular beauty product.

3. Decorative Contact Lenses

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Decorative contact lenses are another type of cosmetic product that is trending these days. Many women, even men, are using it now. They do look make you beautiful, and sparkle your eyes, but the bad effects are doubled compared to other cosmetic products. Some of the harmful effects of contact lenses are blindness, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis and corneal abrasion. Redness and irritation are just minimal, but when it becomes like infection, it is something you need to worry about.

4. Lipsticks

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Lipstick can make your lips glow, sexier and colorful. Most women cannot go out without wearing lipsticks. You can make your lips more beautiful if you choose the right kind of color that matches your skin color. However, all lipsticks have dangerous sides. First, it makes your lip loses its natural color. It becomes dark in time, although a lipstick is able to bring bright color on the lips. Secondly, most lipsticks contain harmful ingredients that can cause cancer, deformities, and mouth infection. Sometimes, ladies also experience peeling lips, dry lips, cracked lips and chapping lips. Other harmful effects that are reported in using lipstick are respiratory issues, skin rashes, swollen gums, burns and numbness. These issues are because of the lipstick perfume oils used and other chemical ingredients that lead to allergic reactions.

5. Nail Polish

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Nail polish can give you amazing and colorful nails. These also contain harmful ingredients that can harm the nails. A nail polish contains xylene, toluene and phenol, and formaldehyde resin. Formaldehyde resin is the basic ingredient and known to give discoloration as well as bleeding under the nails. Phenol can cause cancer, peeling, burning, swelling and pimples. Toluene, which is another harmful ingredient of nail polish, can easily get into the skin, travel slowly into the body, and cause weakness and fatigue.

Another related chemical ingredient that is used mainly on nails is acetone. This is not an ingredient of a nail polish, but acetone is able to remove it. The more you use nail polish, the more you need acetone, so you can rinse the polish off. And when you do, you add more danger to your nails, as well as the entire fingers and skin.

These five beauty items are only some of the favorite and mostly used cosmetic products owned by women, and sometimes men too. Now that you know the harmful effects, it is much healthier and better to use them as less as possible. This way, you are able to avoid any of the side effects, plus, you really look better when you stay natural.



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