How Gadgets and the Internet Help Us Socially

It is true that some things have both advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to use of electronic gadgets and the Internet, you can name a few mishaps, but there are also numerous benefits that you can think of. One of the good impacts of using the Internet through the advanced technological devices is to become socially aware or friendlier. Let’s discuss how the online world is helpful to individuals in associating and communicating with other people.

1. Social Network Sites Keep and Build Relationships


As of these days, there are many websites where you can keep connected with your loved ones and friends. You and your old high school friends can tweet at each other sharing what’s new with your lives if you have separated for college. Sometimes, a family member or close relative is working thousand miles away but you can say hello through Facebook or Myspace.

You can also build new friendship and relationships with other people from different parts of the world through social networking. It may be due to similar interests and hobbies. But be aware that not all people you meet online are who they what they say. That’s why there must still be restriction as to what information you are giving to them. You can talk with them about other things that are random and interesting. Just don’t let them know your full name, address, phone number or bank account, because that is too risky.

2. Social Network Sites Boost Confidence

There are people, from teens to adults, who are not actually good in interacting with others in the real world. But they have more confidence when they talk via the Internet. Those timid ones have better way of socializing through this method. It is not bad at all, because it helps them avoid feeling lonely or alone, which may have a potential risk of depression, aggressive behavior, or, worse, suicide.

3. The Internet Makes People Stay at Home

Although it is not advisable to sit in front of the computer for hours, almost every day, there is a good thing about using the Internet. For older kids and teenagers, they tend to spend less hanging out at the wrong places, like bars, casinos, or the streets full of gangs. This assures parents the safety and protection their kids need. However, it does not restrain them from being socially active as they can update their Facebook, chat through messenger, or video stream with their friends.

4. The Internet Provides News and Information about the World

Another benefit brought by social networking sites or the Internet in general is that people are informed about what is happening in their own family or friend circle, community, school, country, and other parts of the world. Since kids and teens are not usually interested in watching news, they get ideas and learn new or current things from what they read or see online. Just by browsing the news feed of your Facebook can give you clues of what’s buzzing in the celebrity world, politics, etc.

There is no doubt that the use of the Internet has a big impact in interacting and socializing with other people. With the many gadgets available, especially with the new ones like tablets and smartphones, anyone can be socially more active. That is something we must be thankful for the development of the Internet and its compatible devices.

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