Healthy Trick or Treats for the Halloween

It is this time once again that adorable kids wear creepy, scary and creative costumes. Yes, trick or treat is something every child needs to experience while they are young. As you expect to hear knocks from your door during the Halloween, think of the best treats to give to kids. You actually do not have to buy lots of sweet candies, fat-filled chocolates, and other snacks that are not healthy at all. There are better alternatives that you can give to them. Here are some healthier suggestions.

1. Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit

Small boxes of dried fruits, like raisins, prunes, cranberries, and mangoes are great snacks to give to kids. You can find yogurt-covered, chocolate coated and sugar sprinkled fruits for better taste. Yet, there are plain varieties that are more organic.

2. Gummy Candies

Gummy Candies

This type of candies is jelly, soft, and much healthier than ordinary candies. A lot of them are filled with nutrients as well as antioxidants. They also look fun and quirky with their different sizes, shapes and colors that can attract kids.

3. Healthier Candies

Healthier Candies

Most candies are usually made of artificial colors and flavors. Some even have preservatives and sweeteners. The good news is that there are healthier versions of candies that are actually made from real ingredients and flavors. They are considered healthy because of the lack of preservatives and other artificial ingredients. They do not contain high levels of fructose corn syrup.

4. Other Non-Candy and Sugar-Free Snacks

Sugar-Free Snacks

Gums, popcorn, pretzels, Graham or cheese crackers, nuts, and sunflower seeds are some examples of snacks that are sugar free. They are good alternatives of trick or treat snacks for kids. Some even have xylitol or sorbitol, which are artificial sweeteners, that help prevent oral cavities. Others have low sugar contents, which are still a good pick.

5. Dark Chocolates

Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates are delicious treats but they also contain antioxidant called flavonoids, which is beneficial in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Therefore, you can buy packs of this treat for children.

6. Soy Treats

Another candy alternative is soy snacks. They contain lots of protein, while no bad fats are included. They taste so good that every child would love to bite, too.

7. Cookies

These baked goodies are also becoming common treat for kids. Many kids love them so bake your children’s favorites or specialty and pack them in zip lock bags to distribute to any kids who would go in your front porch for some trick or treat.

8. Juices and Milk


Healthy beverages that are packed in boxes or tetra paks are a good choice to give too. Kids can sip up immediately as they visit more houses. This does not only help them stay hydrated but also generate health benefits. You can give milk with zero or low fat and fruit juices.

9. Non-Food Items

Why not go for something uncommon and new? Giving kids stickers, toys, play doughs, and other non-toxic items is a great idea. They can have fun with those things but make sure they are not hazardous. They must not be too small that can potentially choke them or pointed and sharp that can give harm.

10. Educational Treats

Small books, pencils and notebooks are another brilliant option for trick or treat. Though it’s not what most kids anticipate, they can still be grateful for that. Parents would thank you for this as well.

This coming end of October or first day of November, try to be not just a good Samaritan to kids, but also a contributor to their wellness, even for just a short period of time. With nutritious foods and educational stuff, kids are more encouraged to choose what’s good for them.

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