Have a Stronger, Whiter Teeth with These Tips

Does it bother you to have a small debris hanging on your teeth? Will you feel confident to talk to other people without worrying yellow teeth or a bad breath? Are you satisfied with just brushing your teeth and not floss them? If you are not certain of your answers of these questions, then think again.

For a whiter, stronger and healthier teeth, here are some tips that you must consider following. It is better that you are comfortable and convenient enough to show your best smile than not having confidence at all.

1. Brush at Least Three Times a Day

Of course, you do know the importance of brushing your teeth for at least three times per day. This is a basic way of taking care of teeth. Right every after meal, an individual needs to clean his or her teeth by simple stroke using a good toothbrush with soft bristles.

2. Floss Teeth and Scrape the Tongue

Do not just brush your teeth after eating your meal. It is also essential that you floss to ensure particles stuck in the sides of every tooth are removed. Even the tongue must be cleaned by scraping it using your toothbrush or a separate tongue scraper. There are some toothbrushes with built-in scraper that you can just easily slide along the surface of your tongue.

3. Use a Baking Soda

Toothpaste is a usual solution to clean teeth. However, a baking soda is another effective tool to whiten the teeth. Experts suggest the use of baking soda even just one time in a week. It helps remove stain on teeth and eventually whiten them.

4. Gargle with Salt and Water or Apple Cider Vinegar

Every morning, the first thing you usually do is to gargle your mouth. Instead of the commercially made products for gargling, use a mixture of water and salt, or, better yet, a few drops of apple cider vinegar. Salt mixed with water is able to remove bacteria on the cheek and tongue, while the vinegar can get rid of stain and kill bacteria in the gums and all over the mouth as well.

5. Bite Some Detergent Foods

Apples, garlic, carrots, celery and even popcorn are helpful in removing stain and plaques in teeth. These are called detergent foods because they can clean teeth as you are biting them into piece. You can eat some of these sometimes, especially if you are outside your house and cannot yet brush your teeth in a few hours or so.

6. Avoid Smoking Cigarette

Cigarette does not only give negative effects in your lungs and liver, but also to your teeth. It produces ashes that can stain teeth. This can also cause bad odor in the mouth. You must try to quit smoking as much as possible.

7. Have Peppermint Gum or Mint (Menthol) Flavored Candy

It also helps maintain a fresh, odorless breath if you take some candy or gum after an hour or two from brushing your teeth. Bite or chew a mint or menthol flavored candy to prolong the freshness of your mouth. While you are driving or waiting for the plane to lane, it is good to have some mouth freshener.

Whether you have a presentation to conduct in front of a large crowd or have a dinner with an individual, it is important that you are confident with pearly, white teeth and fresh breath. As you do these suggested tips, do not forget that visiting your dentist on a regular basis is still a primary thing to do. If you both, there is a better chance of having stronger, whiter and healthier teeth.



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