Green Vacation in the Woods, Mountain or Lake

What do Alaska, Blue Ridge Mountain, the Alps and the Amazon have in common? They are great places for some hiking, trekking, swimming and fishing vacation! If this is the kind of adventure you want to experience in the next summer, or maybe the upcoming winter, prepare your gears and start packing. Here are some ideas of a green or eco-friendly vacation of your choice that meets your interest.

Hiking and Trekking

Those who like to spend some quality time alone or with a company in a natural environment usually go hiking or trekking. This is a great escape from stressful work, hectic school activities, and other things that you normally do during the weekdays. Leave the paper work, and workout for some hours in a couple of days, and you will surely feel good afterwards.

When it comes to hiking and trekking, there are different destinations to select from. You can find several choices within your area or from another region in your country. You may even explore outside your hometown and go as far as the other continent in the world. Among the best choices for trekking and hiking are the Alps in Europe, the Grand Canyon or Rocky Mountains in USA, the Yosemite National Park in California, USA, or Blue Mountains in Australia.


Hiking or trekking always comes along with camping. However, there are some backpackers who would just stay in a cabin or set up a tent in a particular place and spend the rest of the time without following a trail. It can be a way to just relax and enjoy the nature, which is a good way to relieve stress and anxiety. If this sounds to be your typical vacation, you better find the ideal location where you can spend some days and nights away from home.

Campers have plenty of choices where to do this holiday trip, too. They can find a camping venue in a dessert, near a lake or river, or in a small mountain. It really doesn’t matter if it is surrounded by woods or with a spectacular view of body of water. It is about the priceless moments you can make and spend while staying here with your family, friends or a significant other.

When it comes to the best destinations in the world, you can choose as far as Europe in France where you can find Gorges du Verdon, which is the second largest canyon around the globe. You may even go to Norway and stay in one of the beautiful spots to have a view of the local fjords. In Oceania, there are some choices too, like in one of the valleys in New Zealand. For a not-so-common place, you may set your own camp near the Table Mountain in South Africa.


For summer, swimming is the best way to enjoy a long vacation or a short getaway. This is also relaxing and eco-friendly, because you get to embrace natural water. From the famous local beaches to the lake, it is certainly fun to do this kind of activity. You can bring your children, friends and whoever you want to spend this kind of vacation with.

There are other unique places on how you can enjoy swimming with your buddies or loved ones. For instance, the hot springs in Iceland can offer you great warmth, especially during winter. Some also like to see a wonderful and glorious waterfall where they can swim for hours. If you prefer swimming in the summer, you can take a trip to a tropical island, such as in the Caribbean, or one of the best in Southeast Asia like in Indonesia, Thailand or the Philippines.


It is also a nice escapade to fish in a lake or river. Many backpackers, especially men, would grab their fishing tools and ride on a boat to feel fresh air. This is somehow fun as you get to catch fish, and that is already thrilling to think about. If your only goal is to fish, better find a local spot, and not try to go overseas and expect to take fish home, unless there is a valid reason for that, or else it can be rally expensive. Anyhow, some of the best fishing locations are in the lakes of Canada or the USA, rivers in South America, and Asia.

Spending time for vacation is an excellent avenue to get relaxation. You definitely deserve some break, so go ahead and treat yourself out. You do not need to see the same architectural designs, like skyscrapers, statues, or museums, if you can just have some walk in the woods, or swim in a cool body of water. Either way, it is the best solution to relieve worries, wave stress goodbye and just simply have fun.



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