Green Summer Break – What to Do at Home?

It is summer and it does not mean you have a break to go to the beach. Though you can do that once and for all, make it also as an opportunity to fix and improve things in your home. Also, you do not have to spend lots of cash as there are many indoor activities that you and your family can do. Let’s identify some eco-friendly chores and enjoyable activities that you must do while the sun is out all day long.

1. Clean the House

Though it is a regular house work, cleaning every room in your home at summer should be on the list. It is easier to clean your house during summer, and most of the time, dust is accumulated. That said, you need to clean more often.

2. Take Care of the Lawn

Mowing your lawn is as easy as keeping the garden clean. The lawn needs to be green and beautiful. Because it’s dry and hot most of the time, watering the entire lawn is a must. Whether it is small or huge, lawn must be well taken care of.

3. Make a Garden

It’s okay to get dirty for once and play with dirt. Invite your children and start gardening or improve it. You may need to change the shrubs and herbs, or add more flowers to make the place beautiful. This is also a good opportunity for the kids to learn how to garden and appreciate plants or nature.

4. Wash Car

Whether you have a single car or more, washing is a good way to battle the heat. You may also offer cheap car washing and get extra income. This is a fun thing to do with your family, including older children.

5. Install Insulation

Summer can really make you sweat, as the temperature rises. You can rely on the air conditioning system, but you do not want to have a much higher bill at the end of the month. It is best that you still maintain an average temperature. In that case, insulate your home by installing a roofing installing. It helps lessen the hot temperature in your house.

6. Create Healthy Foods and Snacks

While your children are at home all the time during this season, if you have the time, let them make some snacks and dishes. You can teach them easy recipes that are both delicious and healthy. Gluten-free baked goods, vegetable dishes and smoothies are some of the easiest recipes kids can learn from their parents. Just make sure that you only allow them to prepare foods that do not need knives and other pointed or dangerous utensils.

7. Paint or Draw Using Non-Toxic Tools

You also give time for your kids to have fun and be creative. Do not just give them house work but also activities that they can enjoy. A good way to spend summer time at home is drawing, sketching or painting. Just provide art tools and supplies that are non-toxic to keep them safe.

8. Play Wii or Xbox 360 with Kinect

If your kids have Wii or Xbox 360, let them play. These are video games that are much better to use than ordinary console devices, because they have to move. It is a good way to workout. Even adults can dance, play sports and choose other games with either Wii or Kinect for Xbox 360.

9. Build a Bird’s Feeder

It is also nice to provide food to birds. At this season, more birds are flying in the air and hanging out in trees. To invite some of them, make a feeder for birds. You can use recycled materials, like plastic bottle. Fill in feeds and make some holes as you insert a spatula, which you can customize, and hang in the tree or your front porch

There are exciting things you and your family can do during summer without going out of town or spending more money. The things suggested above are not only safe and eco-friendly to do, but also beneficial to the health, as they keep you move and sweat, which is an excellent way to keep your body fit and in a good shape.



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