Green Products for Home and Commercial Use

The use of green products is not new to most people nowadays. It is also not an option, but rather necessary because of the benefits provided for health and the environment. Thankfully, many businesses now are manufacturing products that are eco-friendly. They can be used in different occasions from home to commercial purposes.

What kind of green products that you must frequently use these days? Are there environmentally friendly alternatives to choose from to replace some traditional items? These are basic questions that should motivate you as you read along. Once you get a list of some samples, it won’t be difficult to find eco friendly or green products anymore.

Cleaning Products

Most products used for cleaning are toxic. They smell differently that can cause asthma and lung problem. That is why it is much better and healthier to opt for organic ingredients in cleaning. Vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice are a few of the organic cleaning ingredients that you must use to get rid of stain on your flooring, carpet, table and other furniture, including bathroom tiles, toilet bowls and sink.

Brown and Shopping Bags

Recycled materials are essential to use for making bags. These enable you to re-use bags for shopping grocery items, fruits, vegetables, and other things that can be accumulated within. This green product is another idea that you have to bear in mind and apply during running errands. It helps you eliminate the use of plastic-made bags, which are obviously toxic.

Green Upholstery Products

Materials that are recycled and renewable are not only found in bags. They are also used to make some furniture pieces, such as tables, chairs, sofa, and cabinets. Wood furniture is much better to use than those with fabric, aluminum or vinyl, because they are not dangerous to the health at all. For couches or sofas, you can still have them but choose fabric that is safer to the skin and smell.

LED Lights

Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are very common in many residential homes and commercial buildings. While they provide good lighting, they consume a high percentage of electricity. The best thing that you can use instead is LED or CFL lighting. This is more beneficial and better to use, since it lasts around 10 times longer and uses only about 20 to 25% maximum of energy.

Water and Coffee Filters

Filters for water and coffee are also considered as green products. These are items that let you re-use bottles for drinking water, while coffee filters help use less waste generation. Basically, it makes you reduce your expenses as you do not have to buy bottled water everytime. Also, it is much better to use aluminum made bottles over plastic bottles, in terms of health wise.

Beauty and Skin Care Products

Mixed fruits and vegetables are good ingredients to apply on the skin. They contain nutrients that every inch and surface of your skin absorbs. They are clearly not harmful, so why waste time and money looking for the commercially-made beauty products? They may be a little bit expensive but more beneficial in giving you a more refreshing, glowing skin.

Many products are eco-friendly, so there is no excuse that you cannot find one to use at home, or even at your workplace. You just have to be resourceful and thorough in searching products or items that you can personally use. When you do, the results do not just provide you the benefits, but also to your surroundings. Remember just how important green products are for the environment, too.



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