Go Green when Hitting the Road

Living green is now becoming necessary these days. It helps preserve the goodness of the environment, and protect us from pollutions. This does not only refer to using eco-friendly products for cleaning furniture or caring for your skin. It is not only about eating organic foods. It also includes the use of vehicles that are safe to the environment. Below is a list of green automobiles that you can try using or opting starting now.

Electric Cars

Your standard sedan can be replaced with an electrically charged vehicle. This is now the best alternative of cars that run through traditional fuels. The good impact of this is that it lets you reduce the usage of oil, which helps lessen the manufacturing or buying of oil. An electric car is powered by lithium ion battery that you can recharge whenever necessary.

Car Pooling

While automobiles are relatively important, it is much better that you share using a car with your family or friends. Let’s say you have to go to the beach together. Instead of getting your own car, why not ask someone to fetch you, or if it’s a good idea to all, use just one car for all of you. This is an example on how you can save money as you do not have to spend for fuel. It also helps eliminate congestion on the road.

Car Rental

The idea behind renting a vehicle is to provide transportation to individuals who need to drive a car for hours or a few days only. If you want to spend less on fuel, and money, too, car rental would be a great choice. Yes, this is not just ideal for people who go on vacation. It is also applicable to use for those who do not frequently need cars.

Public Transportation

Taxis, buses and trains are types of mass transportation. In fact, there are also now vans for public use. They are good options to have rather than driving your own car. It lets you spend less fuel also, and lessen congestion in the long run. It won’t be a bad choice to ride on one of these vehicles once to three times a week.


If you really want to save fuel, grab a helmet, some kneepads and elbow pads, and then ride on a bike. This is a good type of transportation for short trips. Stopping by to a grocery store, or visiting the park is an example of how a bicycle becomes very useful. Plus, it gives you the chance to exercise. This is definitely good for your health, particularly muscles and heart.

Electric Bikes

You may also opt for an electric bike. This is similar to a bike and a motorcycle. Instead of fueling it to be able to run, this bike requires high-tech batteries. The only disadvantage is that it is quite expensive than a regular motorbike. Don’t worry it will be a good investment because no fuel is needed.

There is also an excellent way to go green whenever you need to drive or travel. This is through new batteries for automobiles. Some companies now manufacture this kind of product in a way that consumers are able to save money on fuel. Recharging those batteries do require electricity, but your energy bills won’t increase.

Just remember that there are cheaper ways on how you can go downtown, travel around or even just drop by to a place nearby. The use of a car is just another option for that. So, a few times a day, you need to opt for other means of transportation.



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