Gardening Tips for Homeowners

It is possible that we can feed our garden or plants around our house? Yes, it is possible! But feeding plants in the garden need the right process. It can also be an exercise and not just a hobby for homeowners. This is a good benefit for your health, so it is advisable to do it regularly.

Watering your plants is a very basic way to nurture plants. Water goes straight into the roots of the plants, and the roots absorb nutrients that supply into the stems and leaves of the plants. This causes the plants to remain healthily green and growing. Other than watering, there are other things that you can make to sustain the needs of plants.

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One means of feeding plants is the process of foliar feeding. Compared to the ordinary way of watering plants, foliar feeding is the method where in the plants absorbs nutrients in small pores of their leaves, which are stomata. This method helps pass gases from one plant to another, relaying to the photosynthesis and reparation. This can also be a great way to moisturize plants.

Stomata are generally found at the tops of leaves, underbelly leaves, and around the stems. Actually, there are different common reasons why plants feed on their leaves. The most common reason is that this is to give certain nutrients that they need and miss. For example, foliar feeding is good when the plants look dry and dying. Stomata are likely the same as our bloodstream. This is the immune system of the plants that must be boosted and that happens to the plants during the process of foliar feeding. Other common reasons are to simply maintain the healthiness of plants and prepare them for newly transplanted seedlings.

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The question now is how does foliar feed work? Basically, water is the main source of food of plants aside from the sun light and fertilizer. Nutrients that plants need are present from fertilizers and sunlight. After you make a solution, simply spray amount in your greenhouse, but be careful in doing so, and should be controllable. As long as the solution doesn’t contain chemicals and it is pure natural, it is a perfect tool to use that doesn’t jeopardize your health and the environment.

When you make a solution that contains fertilizer, it should be done twice or more. Be sure that the solution is less concentrated than feeding your plants to its roots. Disregarding doing this will lead your plants to die. Furthermore, light spraying is your main objective here.

What is the right time to conduct foliar feeding? You should do this early in the morning and evening. These are the best times to water your plants. Leaves, roots, and stems generally absorb moisture when early morning and evening occur. This is also the ideal time to make foliar feed, because moisture on the leaves of the plants won’t dry quickly. They also get the ideal nutrients that they need.

young Umbrella Plants (Schefflera arboricola) started from seedImage Source: pinterest

In order to retain the moisture of the plants, don’t put them in a place where the sun rise directly goes to it. Remember sun rise can affect the health of your plants. When the light of the sun rise goes to the leaves of the plants, the stomata is set into a defensive mode. This makes the solution you apply in plants to be useless.

All in all foliar feeding is a good alternative to regular watering of plants. Remember, foliar feeding is the method to help plants enhance their natural healthy, color, and quality. It also helps promote and maintain a pollution-free environment.



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