Fun, Energy-Efficient Activities to Do during Winter

As the chilly winter holds you down to do some outdoor activities, it can be really tempting to turn on the TV and watch some boring shows, if none of your favorite ones are scheduled. When the snow keeps falling down and piling on the ground, it would be really difficult to go out, so you have no choice but stuck inside your home. This leads you to continue switching on the heater, flicking the keys of the TV remote, and maybe surf the Internet at some point. It can surely backfire on your utility bills after the winter, or even before the season is over.

You may like to do some things that do not necessarily require the plugging of cords. That kind of thought is a great motivation. But, of course, you want to learn some productive and fun ways to spend your entire winter. Here are some fantastic suggestions that you will certainly enjoy, whether alone, with family members, friends, or someone special.

1. Have a Warm Bath Spa

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First of all, you want to pamper yourself as soon as the season really gets cold. A home bath spa is a nice treat once in awhile. Yes, it needs you to use water, but you really do not have to take a bath more than once in a day, because it is cold remember? What’s good about this is that you can just relax for minutes, or even hour, which is a good way to avoid using computer, video game consoles, or TV. It means you can avoid consuming more energy, while you are soaked in water, without really using enough water.

2. Make a Scrapbook

This does not mean you spend hours printing your photos uploaded on your Facebook account. That can really use a huge amount of energy. What this all about is to go through the old photos and paste them on the scrapbook. This keeps you busy, which is an avenue to help you avoid using other stuffs that may require electricity, and takes a lot of time, so it is good. Sometimes, it is also good to relive great memories from the past. This activity then would be an enjoyable one.

3. Play with Snow

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What else can be really useful when winter is up than snow! Have some snowball fight with your spouse, kids or anyone you live with inside the house. Creating a cute snowman is also fun, and you cannot just let the season wraps up without having one in front of your home. Besides, it only happens once in a year, so you must seize every day.

4. Read a Book Under a Blanket

It is also an energy-efficient and enjoyable way to grab some books and read them. This home winter activity is more fun if you curl up in your bed or couch with a blanket. That way you would feel a lot comfortable. If you are not a bookworm, this kind of season is the right time for you to start getting interested. And oh, do not try using an eBook reader, or reading soft copies using your own computer or laptop.

5. Try Ice Skating, Sledding or Snowshoeing

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It is also a great try to do something that makes you sweat a little. Ice skating, snowshoeing, and sledding are good outdoor activities during winter. If you also think about snowmobiling, it is not definitely an energy-efficient thing to do. So, stick with those and just have fun in the snow.

6. Finish a Jigsaw or a Crossword Puzzle

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If you have kids, you can spend some great quality time with them by completing a jigsaw puzzle. Get the biggest puzzle available on the store and use that for this kind of opportunity. If you are alone, a crossword puzzle is going to be a fun game too.

7. Get Some Board Games

A board game, such as chess, scrabble or monopoly, is also a good distraction during winter. This does not require you to use any electronic devices at all. You can sit down for a few hours and just enjoy the game.

8. Donate Items to a Local Charity

Image Source:Cambodia4kids

Used clothes, toys, and even foods are good items that you can give to a local charity during this season. You have a long break at this period, so make it a big deal to donate some items. It is not just an activity that can help kill time, but also a worth spending for as you make other people’s faces happy.

With these eight activities, you can surely help minimize the use of electricity. For sure, you have other great ideas in mind that are similar to the ones mentioned above. Just ensure you won’t have to switch on so many light bulbs, or connect the Internet for hours, or else you will still have to pay the same high amount of energy bills when winter is over.



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