Five Ways to Conserve Energy at Home

It is very daunting to go home after a long, tiring day at work and check your mailbox for new letters but more frustrated to find out your energy bills are delivered. Yes, the kind of mail that you do not want to get from your mailbox is here once again. What’s more is that, bills just keep getting high every time. Well, simple changes can save your money from paying high bills. There are effective ways to conserve energy at home and these are ways that every local government suggests to all people. This does not only benefit you and your family, or your money, but also the world because you can help save the environment. Here are easy and simple five ways to conserve energy and save some bills.

1. Change the Lighting

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Changing your light bulbs to fluorescent bulbs is an effective way to conserve energy and reduce some expenses from your electricity bill. This is because fluorescent bulbs have small amount of mercury. It simply implies that they consume less energy. Another way to use less amount of energy is to keep the lights off if when they are not in use. It also helps limit the consumption of energy if you use a few lights if possible. Unless your kids are studying, you can turn on every light in the room. If it’s dinner time, just have all lights fully switched on and turn off others in the living room. There is also one additional way to do which is to have candles during your supper to make your dining more romantic and unique.

2. Replace Windows

Another important but simple way to conserve energy is to replace your windows. That is if they are not insulated windows. You need to have insulated shades to help heat passes inside and outside which ultimately slows down the consumption of energy. This is actually a good idea if you don’t want to expose what’s inside in your house. One of the best benefits that you can get through insulated shade windows is that it provides protection from mosquitoes, bugs and other insects. Insulated windows are able to trap mosquitoes from entering inside. However, the heat and coolness of a house depends on the season and the geographical area.

3. Unplug Appliances

For appliances, do not charge your appliances that can consume a very large amount of energy for an overnight. As much as possible remove the plugs if you don’t use or need them. The computer, for example, has to be shut down including the unplugging of the cord, when it is not in use so it won’t consume a lot of energy. Doing this thing does not give you anything to lose. You can certainly save energy and reduce the effect of having high utility bills.

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4. Recycle Heat

Another simple conservation of energy is to recycle old heated clothes dryer exhaust into filter to your home. You may be wondering how this works and how to do it. It is not a difficult task to do anyway and it’s not time consuming as well. What you have to do is to visit a local hardware shop and buy a bypass filter. Choose an 8-inch cube and follow the instructions listed in the box. It is a manual thing to do, so you can do it without hiring a professional. Anyway, this provides the advantage of saving energy by letting the bypass produces heat and humidity in the house. On the other hand, the filter is able to prevent the dust from getting inside. It means that you can conveniently inhale safe air even if you have a bypass filter.

5. Weather-Strip Windows and Doors

At your home, it is essential to check some areas like mail slots, chimney flues, mechanical chases, exteriors and other outlets for any damage. Sometimes holes, dry walls and other damages can give effect to the heating or coolness of your house, which may require you to increase the temperature of your HVAC system and use it more often. So, to avoid this from happening, inspect those areas which are not mostly used or visited and check for damages. Once you find out any damages, take heed and immediately repair the damage. This also covers weather-stripping of windows and doors which have to be done regularly. It will help prevent heat or air leakage, and ultimately consume less energy.

With all these five simple ways, the bills you receive on a monthly basis won’t be a frustration anymore if you know you are saving more energy than paying for additional costs. Each and every thing suggested here is certainly going to be worth it. In fact, these are some of the things that most residents overlook that’s why they always have high utility bills. Since you learn these, it’s time for a change and starting consuming less energy.



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