Enjoy the Outdoors and Make a Bucket List for Summer

Summer is about having fun and enjoying every moment you can have. Whether you have a full time work or not, you deserve to treat yourself some outdoor activities. You can take some time off or spend the weekend with your family and friends doing enjoyable things. Besides, your skin may need some natural tanning from the sun. That said, it is best that you make a bucket list of your own and see if how many of them you can accomplish in two to three months of the entire summer.

Accomplishing what’s on your bucket list alone would be boring. It is better that you have a buddy or a group of people who can join you. If you have children who are able to walk on their own, run, swim, and other basic skills, you won’t have problem recruiting a team. If you are single, you need a lot of reasons to convince a few of your friends or relatives, including family members.

There are many things that you can do during this warm and sunny season. Make sure they are achievable and won’t cost you a lot of money. Just have the time and energy to do so and there will be no problem or difficulty completing your bucket list.

How can you even start writing down a list of summer activities? To help you out, answer the following questions.

1. What are your interests generally and specifically?

Ever since you were a kid, it may be your dream to do sing, dance, paint or camp in the woods. If so, write down the important things you like to most and the best.

2. Do you love nature such as being in the water and in the woods?

If your answer is yes, hiking in the nearby forest, climbing a mountain, and kayaking in the lake are just some of the fun activities you can do during this season. If no, there is no harm in trying going to the beach and swim.

3. Do you prefer driving your car, riding on a bicycle or taking a public transportation?

You also have to consider if you want to take a walk while trying to complete some or all of the activities. There are actually a few options when it comes to transportation. Just think about how much you can save on the fuel if you use a bicycle or opt for a taxi ride.

4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

You need to weigh in not only your likes and dislikes. The things that you are good at and not good at must be recognized as well. This is also helpful on how you can think of the activities you can add on the summer bucket list.

5. Are you into sports, music, arts or other genres that you are capable of doing?

Assuming you are good at a particular sports, maybe tennis or football. The problem is you do not have the time to do so or haven’t just tried yet for some reason. This summer, it is your opportunity to find time to do that. Enroll in a summer class or training, or just have a casual game with your friends or family. Other than that, think of others that interest you.

6. Would you consider spending a few dollars on this summer project?

Some extreme and outdoor activities can be expensive. Let’s say you always wanted to do sailing for a few hours in a single day, or go scuba diving. These are examples of activities that may require you to pay. You obviously need tools and equipment for those things. If you cannot afford it, then forget it as there are other things you can do without spending a single dime.

7. Do you have fear, like fear of heights, water or snakes?

Some people are scared of heights. If you are one of them, you basically do not have to attempt going for a zip line ride. It is up to you if you want to challenge yourself, though, but at the end of the day, you must not regret doing it, or it won’t be a fun summer at all.

8. Are you fit enough to do some physical things?

The most important of all is to assess yourself if you have the skills and capacity to do those things. If you are sickly, you are not recommended to do something that demands physical requirement. If there is no problem but only improvement, start your bucket list by going to the gym first.

These are important questions that can guide you in creating a bucket list. You need to know your likes and dislikes in order to come up with a good list of activities that you can do. It is very vital that you love what you are doing and you have the capability to do so. But this does not mean that you do not have to challenge yourself. Sometimes, this is needed in order for you to improve on something.



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