Energy Efficient Appliances and Electronics

At home, while doing the laundry, washing the dishes, or just having relaxation with your heater or air cooler, you are now able to save some energy and help fight the climate change. Thanks to home appliances and electronic products that are labeled with “Energy Star”! These are the new, most advanced and very energy efficient home items that everyone can use to protect the environment, while reducing the amount of bills. If there is this label, it means they meet the required compliance of saving energy. So, the next time you buy something for your home, try to look for eco-friendly and energy-efficient ones like these ones below.

1. Clothes Washers

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Because of busy work or hectic schedule, clothes to wash are piled up after a week or two. Even thought it only requires you to do the laundry once in a week or in two weeks, the consumption of energy can be surprisingly enormous. Unless you go to the laundry shop, the use of washing machine absorbs a large amount of energy in just a single plugging. That is why you have to be very aware of the time and quick to finish your laundry as much as possible. Well, if this has been your washing habit, it is about to change through the use of a more efficient appliance – clothes washer.

Clothes washer is the right laundry tool that every mom, teen, and others, like you, must be using. This machine use around 20% less energy, and 30 to 35% less water than most regular washers for clothes. It does not need you to use many gallons of water in a load, and consumes less electricity, around 270 kWh. What is special about clothes washer is that it has a greater tub capacity. This enables you to wash fewer loads just to clean the same amount of your laundry.

2. Dishwashers

Not just washer for clothes can help you reduce your energy bills. There are also dishwashers that clean your utensils without the high consumption of energy and water. This kind of machine also uses less water compared to the direct use of the tap water in your kitchen. Within a year, you are able to save 30 to 40% water when using an energy-efficient dishwasher. It also improves the cleaning of dishes or utensils with Energy Star certified dishwashers. This has advanced technology features that thoroughly rinse off soil and stain. You won’t only worry about your water bill, but also breathe a sigh of relief that you do not need to rewash your dishes because of unspotted area.

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3. Cordless Phones

You may also like to switch cord phones to the cordless one. Answering machines and cordless phones that are certified with Energy Star label are definitely good home items too that help you save your regular bills. The energy performance features, which include switch mode power supplies, and smart chargers, are the reasons why cordless phones can be a reliable and energy-efficient tools to use. When you save energy from your utility bills, you are actually helping protect the environment too. It prevents the use of high amount of greenhouse gas emissions, which is beneficial in fighting climate change.

4. Air Purifiers or Cleaners

Another home appliance that can offer efficiency in the use of energy is the room air purifier, or also called as air cleaner. This is a very portable type of electronics that is used to remove particles, which include dust and pollen. It is a good tool to use in a room because it removes particles from indoor air. Sometimes, you are not aware that you are absorbing pollution in your own house, and air purifiers are the best solution against that. When you use an eco-friendly and Energy Star labeled air purifier, you can save up to 40% of electricity.

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If you decide to use a room air purifier, be sure to check the size of your room. You need to place an air cleaner that is suitable to the room size so it can cover the entire space, with the high possibility to use less energy. Otherwise, it can only help save 10 to 20% less electricity instead of 40%.

Many other home appliances and electronic devices that are energy efficient can be bought and used. When you need to replace your old personal items, from entertainment to household chore machines, make sure you are getting the products that can help you reduce your utility bills. They do not only provide you personal benefits, because you can obviously save some money, but also help protect the environment when less electricity and water is used. You must keep that in mind whenever you go to appliances store and electronics shops. For sure, you can live a healthy and eco-friendly life inside your own abode when you use energy efficient home items.



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