Eco-Friendly Wood Materials for Different Uses

Wood is relatively a big help to green living. It is able to decay, which does not affect the environment, but also durable at the same time for a much longer use. Speaking of which, there are plenty of wood materials that you can use for a greener and friendlier. Here are a few of them that you may like to consider for your next home project.

1. Wood Veneer

When basing its name, you may think that this kind of wood is a very elegant one and its price may be high. To tell you the truth, it is elegant, but not very expensive at all. What’s much better is that it is a type of wood that is very environmentally friendly. That means wood veneer is nontoxic, which is very safe to use in every house.

Your flooring may be made of this wood material. You can also install a built-in kitchen island designed with the same material, or set up a bookshelf, cabinet, etc. The pattern design and durability of this wood type are what make it a very good choice.

2. Lyptus

Lyptus is come from eucalyptus species of wood. Like wood veneer, lyptus is also sturdy enough. In fact, the tree where lyptus comes from can reach up to 15 years. Due to its durability, this wood material is used for making cabinets, bookshelves, tables, kitchen islands, and even musical instruments like guitars.

This is usually mistaken as cherry or mahogany, but its appearance is fine grain. It looks so clean and elegant, which makes any room more valuable and stunning. Also, this kind of hard wood is typically inexpensive. You do not have to worry about how much you are going to spend when ordering lyptus for hardwood flooring, furniture and other home stuff.

3. Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most common types of wood. It is from the bamboo tree that grows in almost anywhere. Other than that, this type of wood is hard and strong just like several favorite hardwoods, such as oak, cherry and veneer.

What is interesting about bamboo is that you can make different home items. It is not usually made for big furniture like cabinets and tables, but it can be very useful to other unique stuff, which include décors and displays. You can also mix bamboo with other hard wood types, and use it as the surface since it creates a beautiful design.

4. Wheat-Board

Unlike wood veneer and lyptus, wheat-board is installed as a hidden part of wood furniture, such as doors of cabinets and underneath of shelves. This is usually made as a thin layer on other wood materials for building different kinds of furniture. The appearance is white and sometimes amber with grains in it. It does look very good and elegant, but because of its primary use, it is often noticed. You may still use this for a thinner type of home furniture because its one big advantage is that it absorbs moisture. It can be the top part of your living room cabinet or dining rectangular table.

5. Oak

One other famous and favorite choice of wood material is oak. This is also eco friendly, but quite a bit expensive compared to other wood types. It is worth it though, because the durability level is high. You can have a piece of furniture that you can use for many, long years.

When it comes to eco friendliness, it is best that you use wood materials that are both affordable and sturdy. Stay away from cabinets that are made of plastic material or tables that are manufactured in glass. Have environmentally friendly materials like the wood types discussed above for efficient and greener living.



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