Eco-Friendly Lawn Mowers – No Need to Use Gas

Keeping your lawn or garden neat and beautiful is easier to do with the help of a mower. It is one of the common household items that are used, especially during summer and spring. With that said, a lawn mower is basically a necessity to owners who have homes that have spacious yard.

If a lawn mower is mostly used a lot of times, there is the possibility of consuming gas and releasing emissions. That is if you use a traditional lawn mower that is powered by gas. This is referred to as power-driven mower. It is a type of mower that is attached with engine that produces a great amount of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. Both of those elements release smog, which can be harmful to the environment. In other words, it can result to pollution in the air.

Instead of power driven mowers, it is recommended to use green or eco-friendly ones. They are mostly called as push lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers, and solar lawn mowers. They are manufactured to run without the use of gas or fuel. Those are the kinds of devices every home owner who has lawn needs to have. They do not only help cut grass perfectly, but also provide you the avenue to reduce your expenses. Of course, the main advantage these eco-friendly machines provide is the ability to prevent air pollution.

Push Lawn Mowers

One of the types of green lawn mowers is the push lawn mower. This is becoming common nowadays, as it promises great features. As its name suggests, a push lawn mower is flexible and more portable to use. You can just literally push it no matter how long and wide your lawn is, as it is not attached with a cord. For that reason, it also does not require electricity; hence, an eco-friendly machine.

Electric Lawn Mowers

You may expect that if a lawn mower is labeled as a green or eco-friendly machine, it has to be operated by other renewable source and not electricity. There are still electric lawn mowers that depend on electricity in order to run. However, they are much cleaner and more recommended to use than any gas-operated power. The reason is because they generate energy from a cleaner gas or coal. It certainly produces low or zero emissions, that’s why it can be considered environmentally-friendly.

To add the features above, electric lawn mowers can be bought with cord or without cord. Those that do not have cords are more advantageous. They require their batteries to be recharged and renewed, so they are more recyclable when compared to the ones with cords.

Solar Lawn Mowers

Among the types of eco-friendly mowers, a solar lawn mower is the best. This is definitely a great solution against air pollution. The reason is because it does not need any electricity or gas to run. What it only requires is solar energy, which is usually generated from a natural source, like the sun and the wind. The only disadvantage is that it may take you more time to cut grass in your lawn. Yet, it is safer, greener and easier to use than other types of lawn mowers. It produces no emission and no smoke at all. Also, it is quiet when running, which makes it more a good choice to select.

Additional Tip: How to Select Eco-Friendly Lawn Mower

The question now is how can you identify if a mower is environmentally-friendly or not? You already have the list of lawn mowers that you need to buy and own. If you go a hardware store or other shop that offers lawn mowers, always look for a machine that is labeled with “Energy Star”. This indicates that it is a recommended product to buy and use, because it has been tested and proven as a safe unit that helps prevent the buildup of air pollution. Other than that, be financially wise when buying. Although it is an investment already to have an eco-friendly lawn mower, if you can still find a much cheaper one, then you save more than what you expect. Nevertheless, any unit that enables you to save money and contribute to the environment, it is a very good choice.



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