Easy Ways to Recycle Cans

What do sausages, corned beef and dog foods have in common? If you answer it’s the cans, then you are absolutely correct! Yes, they are all packed in cans! Well, most of them because some are manufactured in plastic bags or boxes. For sure, you always include foods in cans your grocery list. There are as well as sodas and energy drinks for some refreshment. Imagine just how many cans you can in a week or month. What do you do with all those cans, anyway? Do you just throw or recycle them? Without knowing the effects they can bring to the environment, cans are possibly be dumped the wrong way

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Recycling cans is one of the ways to save the Earth from air pollution, water pollution and other destructive threats to the environment. It is also the simplest thing people can do at home. The reuse or recycling of cans is a great solution to prevent water and air pollution. Let me help you to figure this out a lot easier by providing a list of things that you can do to recycle and reuse cans.

1. Camp Stove

Do you like to hike and camp in the woods? Well, if you do, cans just become useful because they can heat hotdogs, melt marshmallows and boil water. You can build a camp stove out of aluminium cans like sodas. You can flatten numerous cans and form a pan or a casserole with a short height. When you do this, make sure you have the right tools and correct procedure. If not, it is better that you find someone who can do it to ensure your protection as well.

2. Candle Holder

Candle holder is also a great idea to have so candles have a nice and cheap place to rest onto. You may think that it’s just going to ruin your vintage table in the living room or long table at the dining room. That won’t be the case if you paint it and glue some fake jewels or other embellishments to make them look better. One tip to remember when making a candle holder is to use a sharp knife that enables to trim a single piece of can into stencilled patterns or geometric shapes in its wall.

3. Pen Holder

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Other than a candle holder, cans are also made as a pen holder. It is another easy item that you can make out of cans. You can also personalize one to make it look beautiful based on your style and like. Pencils and ballpens can be stored there in one table in your house, and another one in your office so you can easily get a tool for writing in an instant.

4. Wind Chimes

For a decoration, used cans be very helpful too. One of the common home decorations seen these days is a wind chime. You can make your very own wind chimes using cans and hand them on your ceiling just beside the door.

5. Shaker

You can also make a noisemaker or musical shaker out of cans. You won’t even need to cut any piece of a can but rather put something on the top that can cover it. That’s because you have to put some things on it that can make sound. These include marbles, pennies, pebbles and etc. It’ll be more fun if you invite your kids with you to make some. They can use it for their carols, lullabies or even playtime.

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These are five items that are produced through the use of cans that are recycled. Unless you give them to recycling centers, do not just throw cans but rather think of other else that can make them useful again.



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