Easy Steps to Clean Your Pool

Pool is a part of a house that can provide you fun and relaxation. It is the best playground at home for kids, and pampering solution for the adults. But to make it more enjoyable, you need to keep the pool clean as to not affect your health and surrounding. So, here are things that you must regularly do in regards to cleaning it.

1. Skim Off Debris on the Water

Leaves, insects, candy wrappers, even toys, and others that float on the water should be removed. Use a long handled net to get them off the pool. These are usually visible so they are not difficult to deal with. Even if it is not cleaning time, it is best to remove any debris as soon as you see them.

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2. Vacuum

One major maintenance of keeping pool clean is to vacuum it. You can buy your own pool vacuum equipment or rent one in a cheaper price. But it is suggested that you get your own cleaner, especially if the demand to vacuum it is daily or weekly. This is the ultimate way to clean pool anyway, as it does not only remove dirt and debris, but also algae and other buildups due to some soapy and bacterial residues.

3. Clean the Exterior

Do not just focus on and in the water. The exterior, the sideways usually in tiles, should be cleaned as well. Remove any leaves and other debris nearby that may fall into the water. The tiles should be washed as well to cream off any mold, dirt, and stain.

4. Keep the Grass Trimmed

It is also essential that you mow your lawn. The grass should be trimmed and brown leaves removed. Even the bushes and herbs nearby must be well taken care off. This is to help avoid leaves, weeds, petals and other things from plants or grass get into the water.

5. Make the Ladder Shiny

The ladder, which is usually in metal or aluminum, must be kept clean and shiny as well. These are steps that can cause dirt, dust and stains, too, which really transfer into the water. Plus, it is dangerous if someone slips on it, and you don’t want that to happen to your kids or to anyone, including yourself.

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6. Use a Filter Cleaner

Sediments, algae, and other contaminants in the filter should be removed. These are accumulated that eventually spread in the water. The best solution for this is a good filter cleaner, which you can buy at any local store and just follow the instructions as labeled on the product.

7. Apply Algae-Free Solution in the Water

It is also a great idea to use some cleaning solution the keeps off the buildup of algae in the water. This makes you clean the pool less, too, in terms of removing contaminants and algae. Algaecide should be applied once a month, and not too often, so the chemicals in the product are minimized.

8. Correct the Level of pH in the Water

One other thing to check is the pH level of your pool. It is very important that you keep it in minimum or regular level to ensure the water is safe for swimming. Plus, this helps kill any bacteria and algae eventually.

Just like other parts in a home, the pool needs to be regularly cleaned. You and your family’s skin are all over the water once you get in it and swim for hours, or even just for a couple of minutes. It definitely has an effect on your health, so it is best to keep the pool clean at all times.

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