Dresses Made Out of Organic Materials

As the world continues to suffer from different environmental crises, there are plenty of things that the government and its people, as well as organizations that support healthy environment to do. Solutions that can help, support, and save the environment are endless, as a matter of fact.

One of the greatest answers in making the world safe from air and water population is recycle or reuse materials. However, you cannot only find plenty of recycled materials on the market that become new furniture, home decorations, or paper. There are also materials that are organic, which can be used to make various things including organic dresses.

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Many dresses nowadays that are spread on the market are made from organic materials. Like in other dresses, the tip of buying and choosing organic dresses remain the same. You will need to consider the quality and conformability of a dress made from natural and 100% non-organic material that you want to buy and wear. As the name states, organic dresses come from lots of natural fabric, which are eco friendly and unique. To give you an idea, here are several of the most popular organic materials used these days for crafting various types of dresses.

1. Alpaca Fabric

An organic fabric that comes from a small animal of the family of Camelid called the alpaca is one famous organic material to use in making dresses. The process is simple by getting the fleece of the alpaca and using it to make an organic alpaca yarn. The yarn is manufactured to become either cashmere or wool. Wearing the dresses that made up of alpaca fabric can make a wearer feel nice and warm without the heavy layers of the material. It is then usable for fall and winter seasons because of the heavy and thick layer of the material. Most of the time, this kind of fabric is used for duvets, sweaters, coats and any kinds of winter clothing. Furthermore, a dress made up of alpaca fabric is also durable with a silkier feeling providing more comfort and warmth once you wear it.

2. Organic Cotton

Remember, not all clothes made of cotton are organic. There are clothes and dresses that are only made of cottons in a fraction, while there are dresses made of 100% cotton. The latter is the type of cotton that is considered a natural fabric.

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There are several people who do not get this fact sometimes. They are mistaken of knowing they are wearing natural cotton but the truth is not. Now, if you are an environmentalist, one who supports and cares for the environment, you would choose to have 100% cotton dresses.

3. Organic Hemp

Organic hemp fabric is a new and very recent development. See, there’s always a way to use safe and eco-friendly materials that eventually contribute in helping some environmental issues. Back to organic hemp material, this has not been well known for the past years. It is still starting to become a demanding organic material in the world of fashion. If you are very supportive about eco-friendly solutions, start by doing one of the simplest answers by wearing organic fabric like those manufactured from hemps. Hemp material is a good choice because it’s purely organic from the plants straight to its manufacturing process. In addition to that, this is delicate to the skin and warm. It makes it an ideal material to make for winter clothes and knitwear. Hemp fabric also can give UV protection and ideal clothing for summer.

4. Natural Bamboo

One of the best organic fabrics available these days is the bamboo fabric. Unlike the cotton plant, natural bamboo doesn’t need any chemicals during planting because bacteria and pests cannot disturb its growing process. In fact, bamboo is known for its antibacterial and antifungal abilities which will remain as is until a dress made of this material is made. Moreover, an organic bamboo fabric is very light and airy. It is also sheer as silk, which makes it a great and possibly perfect material for underwear and lingerie.

5. Jacquard Fabric

This kind of organic fabric is decent and elegant. It is actually made by reputable manufacturers of clothes and designers of dresses that follow the latest and fashionable techniques. You will get lots of benefits in choosing this kind of fabric like soft feel, delicate to the skin, color fastness, shrink proof ability, easy to wash and good texture.

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Organic fabrics of dresses do not only provide good feel and texture but also help provide solutions. The only thing to deal with is to the cost because most organic dresses or clothes are very expensive. From bridal dresses to ordinary t-shirts, organic clothes are worth buying for. However, organic fabrics are very eco friendly and you can certainly be a contributor to save the environment.



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