Different Ways to Organize Stuff Using Shoe Boxes

Do you have a dozen of shoe boxes stuck in your room? Those are not junks at all as you can re-use them for other things. And as the headline suggests, shoe boxes can be used to organize some of your stuff, especially the small ones and those that come in a group. Here are suggestions that can help you realize just how useful shoe boxes are in organizing and storing personal items.

For School and Office Supplies

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Sometimes, a can or a pen holder does not really accommodate a lot of pens and pencils. You may need more than just one in order to house them all. For sure, the desk of your children has colors, colored pencils, colored pens, rulers, erasers, sharpeners, scissors, paint brushes,…you name them. It would be best if you can just put them altogether in one place for easy grab. That’s when a shoe box comes in play to take the role of storing school supplies. This also applies with your office materials.

For Personal Accessories

Normally, genuine jewelry and expensive watches are kept in a more decent and secured safe. That’s understandable, but what about those fake and cheap ones or your kids’ accessories? For certain, a shoe box can accommodate them and protect against dust. Girls usually have more accessories from hair pin to bangles, so use another box for them.

For Hygiene and Beauty Products

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In your bathroom or mirror table in the bedroom, there are plenty of bottles that range from perfume to lotion, as well as make-up kits. Even boys do have such products that help them keep their skin and hygiene protected. So, use a shoe box for those kinds of products.

For Tissues and Toiletries

Rolls of tissues, extra soaps, shampoos, are also items that can be organized in a shoe box. It is one way organize them whether they are placed in an open area or inside a cabinet. Other than that, it is cheaper to use than using a regular basket.

For Socks, Ties, and Underwear

You can save some space at the under part of the cabinet by placing a few boxes to place your children’s socks, underwear, as well as handkerchiefs, ties, and bows. It is also a good organizer for the extra ones you already have in the drawers.

For Embroidery Kit

Are you fond of cross-stitching or embroidering? If so, put all your materials from threads to needles, yarns to scissors, ribbons to laces, etc. in a shoe box. It is easy to grab them all anyway if they are put together in one place.

For Repair Tools

Using Shoe BoxesImage Source:technokitten

Remember also that your husband has some tools in fixing his car, bicycle, electronics, and even your home. The hammer, nails, screwdrivers, bolts, and other small sized materials for repair can be stored in a box.

Once you have a new pair of shoes, remember to keep the box and collect as many as you can so you would recycle them for organizing stuff. One or more can be useful as what you just learned from this page.



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