Dependency of Marine Animals on Humans

Marine animals refer to fish and other sea creatures that live in the water. Like other animals, they need protection, and people are the ones who can provide that. We are the voice of most animals, and if you care about the environment, particularly the marine life, you definitely need to learn some facts and tips about this topic. The coverage of this article is about the dependency of marine animals on people, who include you.

Indirect Protection

People can protect marine animals without them knowing or being cautious. Yet, it is also important that you know those things. The reason is because many people forget how to protect the environment, in general. Sometimes, we are too careless and irresponsible in dealing with the cause or consequence of our actions.

One concrete example is disposing anything in water. The water itself is the area that needs protection so every living organism in it is safe. You need to be aware of what you may throw in the water. Anything with chemicals that are hazardous should not be thrown in oceans, rivers and lakes. There are fish living in it, and they cannot clean the mess around them on their own. They definitely dependent on us, people. If you cannot help cleaning toxic water, at least start by not putting anything in it.


There is nothing wrong with feeding fish and other marine animals. What’s wrong is that they become dependent eventually. There are some cases or maybe instances wherein feeding animals are not good at all. Animals do not have to be totally dependent on humans regarding foods. That can become annoying and extreme. When they become extreme, it won’t be enough to feed them, and if that happens, they can become dangerous until they are satisfied. If those marine animals are taken care of in zoos or other areas where there are some marine life, they really need to be fed by humans. But those marine animals living in the water freely and independently must not be given foods by humans.

On and in water offers a lot of fun things to human. You surely include one your weird dream list to swim with a giant fish like the whale shark. Just swimming in the beach is a very exciting activity. If you are able to enjoy it, the more for the fish who live in it. When you protect them, you are not just providing safety to them, but also give more chances for you to enjoy viewing and being in the water.

There is dependency of marine animals on humans, but we must understand the importance of balance. Protection is the only thing that we must extremely give to marine animals. Other than that, everything must be put into balance. You have learned the explanation above regarding what it may happen if these animals become too dependent with humans. In all sense, it is still people who need to control and have sense of balance, and not animals.



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