Decorate Your Fridge with Cool DIY Mats

Have you heard something about mats for refrigerator? This is probably your first time to know regarding this. If so, you are not alone for sure, because this is not common yet.

You go to your friends’ houses and check out their fridge. Maybe 0 or 1 out of 10 has refrigerator mats. If none of your friends or family relatives is using this, you can start it off. See how will your fridge look like with mats on each layer or surface, and if you find it very pleasing and useful, you can try convincing your family and friends. Let’s talk more about this particular mat and learn how to make inexpensive or recycled ones.

Fridge Coasters are Optional

There are fridge mats that you can buy. These mats are called as Fridge Coasters, which can be ordered online. They are exclusively made for the surface of a refrigerator. This is made and designed to protect each and every layer of the refrigerator from stain. It sounds like a great accessory to keep the refrigerator cleaner and stain free.

The coasters offered by are not the only option you have. If you can afford to spend extra dime, this would be a good choice. However, it is better that you save some time and money by making your own fridge mat or coaster.

DIY Recycled Refrigerator Mats

A much cheaper way to have coasters for your fridge is to do the DIY, or do-it-yourself, option. When you talk about DIY, you are actually referring to used or recycled materials. That way you won’t bother going out buying tools and supplies. Just roam around your garage, storage room or anywhere in your house where you can find the necessary materials in creating a recycled mat for refrigerator.

1. Used Placemats

One option that you can consider is to use old placemats. You can also buy new ones if in case you do not have any in your house. Anyway, they are cheaper compared to Fridge Coasters.

Since most placemats have a particular dimension, you may need to cut according to the length and width of the layers of the refrigerator. Remember how the storage room in the fridge differs in terms of size. For example, the back of the door of the fridge is usually longer but smaller than the layer on the main inside. If you use placemats, whether old or new, cut them down to fit into the different places in the refrigerator.

2. Table Cloths

Placemats are a great idea to use as mats for fridge, but when it comes to absorption of moisture or liquid may be an issue. If so, you may want to use table cloths instead. This does not necessarily mean you use the ones for tables. You can have other material like old clothes, such as your thin skirt or blouse. Cut into pieces that fit into the surface of the various parts of the fridge and place them.

Another thing that makes table cloths or used clothes better than placemats is that you can clean them up. Just wash like doing a regular laundry to remove stain.

3. Newspapers

It is not a bad idea to use newspapers also. Unlike fabric materials, this is a type of paper that has to be disposed. The good thing about this is that you are re-using old newspapers for other things, and in this case as mats for refrigerator.

These are brilliant ideas that you can easily make without spending money at all. You do not only add protection to your refrigerator, but also make it more organized and clean to look at.



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