Decorate Your Cake with These Easy and Creative Ideas

Cakes are a popular and favorite sweet treat for anybody whether you are a kid, a teen or an adult. Everybody absolutely loves the soft texture and delicious taste of a cake. What initially makes people drool is the presentation. How a cake is designed can help stimulate the taste buds and belly of every person. If you think decorating the top and sides of a cake is hard, you may change your mind once you learn the ideas listed above. You do not have to be a professional baker to do those things. Here are simple and easy ways to decorate a cake.

1. Sprinkled or Coated Sides

Sprinkled Cake

The side of a cake is obviously the hardest part to decorate compared to the top. When you cover the side, you must first coat it frosting. As soon as frosting process is finished, cover it with any elements you want. They may be crushed nuts, chopped almonds, shredded chocolates, or very tiny candies. You can use your own hands to cover the side of the cake or a flat spatula.

2. Billowy Swirls

One common decoration of a cake is the billowy swirls. This is a simple design of the cake’s frosting on the top. You may also make swirls on the sides. You just use a tablespoon to create swirls.

3. Chocolate Shavings

Chocolate cake is one of the most commonly picked flavors wherever in the world. To make your own chocolate shavings, shred a bar of chocolate using a vegetable peeler. Peel it over a bowl or a parchment, whichever is more comfortable for you to use. After making shavings of chocolate, pour them on top and coat the sides.

4. Chocolate Prints

Dark Chocolates

You can also use chocolates to use in writing a message on the cake. The “Happy birthday”, “good luck”, and “happy anniversary” phrases are among the words made to decorate the top of the cake. Well, just put bars or chops of chocolates in a ziplock bag or a plastic bag and immerse in a bowl filled with hot water (not boiling) to melt. Once melted, cut a very small part of its corner to make a hole. Gently squeeze the bag to allow chocolate out as you write a message on the cake.

5. Garnish

Garnish Cake

Another common décor of cakes is garnish, which can be taken from fruits, nuts, shredded chocolates, or real flowers! You can sprinkle tiny bits of colorful candies too. Remember that garnishing is how your creativity is showcased. Choose a pattern in garnishing the top and sides of the cake.

It is very fun to decorate cakes, especially if it is a unique and creative one. You can do whatever you want in terms of designing a cake. Be it a birthday party, wedding, graduation or no occasion at all, you can easily present a beautiful and scrumptious cake that everybody would love. Now, try making your own cake decoration with the ideas provided here.

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