Dangers of Wrong Underwears or Misuse

There are the thongs, the boy shorts, the lace, and others. Since fashion changes all the time, so are the underwear for the ladies. While most women do prefer wearing something that makes them look and feel sexy, the health, as well as hygiene, must be considered as well. How safe is the type of underwear you wear? Remember that there are some underwear that can cause harm eventually. Others are not aware of the proper use that can trigger discomfort. So, take a look of these facts and dangers that you must know.

1. Don’t Skip Wearing Underwear if You Plan to Move a Lot


Some women do feel comfortable without undies. That is safe when you are sleeping, alone in your house as you watch TV, or doing anything without sweating. But if you need to make lots of moves, especially when working out, it is advisable that you wear undies. You may also opt for gym and fitness apparels that have undies. Either way, this helps avoid germs, bacteria, and yeast to swarm around your private area.

2. Use Moisture Wicking, Breathable Underwear

Experts, especially doctors, recommend ladies to wear something that is breathable to avoid moisture. That’s why the best fabrics of undies to wear should include cotton, preferably 100%, and the new synthetic materials that are designed to keep skin dry. They have moisture wicking capabilities that are useful to wear when working out or moving from one place to another.

3. Avoid Satin, Lace, and Thongs

Breathable Underwear

If breathable fabrics are most recommended, that also means that you must avoid lace and satin as much as possible. These two fabrics and others that do not help make your skin dry should not be worn. You can have them on if you go out for a few hours only or any situation in which you do not sweat much.

For the thong, that is another case, but still on the not-to-wear list. This is not only very tight fitting, but also starts heat and friction which can be dangerous to your health. You will likely get more germs and bacteria. Worse is you’ll have urinary tract infections, yeast infections, or bacterial infections.

4. Shave Less Frequently


It is a trend these days for women to have bikini wax. Shaving makes that area looks cleaner and more comfortable. However, doctors believe that is not enough to help protect the genital area of a woman. Pubic hair is supposed to protect that region and keep it dry. So, it is better that you leave hair from the part that is covered by underwear or bikini. In addition, use the best wax or shaving kit, because skin in the genital area is very sensitive.

5. Wash Undies Properly

Laundry machine makes the washing process faster and easier. But underwear should be hand washed. This makes it more effective to remove bacteria and germs. Other than that, use hot water with the right detergent when washing your undies. You also need to wash them right after your use or the next morning. That way any bacteria are easily removed and killed.

When it comes to underwear, it is always necessary to consider the health and hygiene aspect. It should not just be about the comfort, sexiness, or popularity that makes you want to wear a particular fabric or type. You’ll never know that through the wrong use can lead you to danger. Somehow, undies do have risks of bacterial and yeast infections that affect the urinary tracts, the genital regions, and the rectal area.



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