Countries in the World that Greatly Produce Oil

From the west to the east and north to south, oil is very much needed. Basically, it is the natural element that is used for transportations. Private cars, motorcycles, buses, helicopters, planes and even ships do need oil in order to run. Aside from transportation, this is also essential for cooking, firing, and others.

Where do usually oil production occur? What part of the earth can you find the largest source of oil?

1. Algeria

Located in Africa, Algeria is one of the world’s producers of oil. Both petroleum and natural gas are the main products this country boasts. They export to different countries including USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

2. Angola

This other African country is a consistent exporter of different oil products. These include gas, crude oil and refined petroleum products.

3. Bahrain

A small island in the Persian gulf, located between Saudi Arabia and Qatar is the country of Bahrain. This may be a very small nation, but one of the great producers of oil and petroleum to different countries from Asia to Europe and North America to South America.

4. Iran

The percentage of petroleum produced in Iran is 80%, which is quite a high number. Other than that, this country also exports both petrochemical and chemical products.

5. Oman

Another producer of oil and petroleum products situated in the Middle East is Oman. This is among the products they export and re-export other than metals, textiles and fish.

6. Qatar

With more than a million of population, Qatar is a famous exporter of oil and petroleum products. They actually feature liquefied natural gas, also known as LNG.

7. Saudi Arabia

Who wouldn’t have guessed that Saudi Arabia is among the top list of oil products around the globe? Around 90 percent of petroleum and other petroleum related products are gathered, sold and exported. This is actually one of the factors that increase the national economy of the country.

8. Syria

Lastly but not the least, Syria makes it on the list of producers of oil worldwide. They sell minerals, crude oil, and petroleum products.

As you can see, most of the countries that significantly and proudly export oil products are found in Middle East and Africa. There are also others from South America, such as Argentina, as well as Asia, like Malaysia. Wherever oil is taken from, it is definitely a big help.

The bad side is that the production of natural oil and petroleum can affect the environment in many ways. That is why some companies do alternatives through advanced research and thorough studies that can help reduce the risks caused by oil in vehicles, like high emission. But even though they can cause environmental changes and effects, the use of oil is still important to many people from different parts of the world.

Also, the changes in prices of oil affect other good and commodities. The higher oil become, the pricier most commercial products are. In this kind of global economy, it is best to balance everything, and saving is still a key that helps people shell out less money and protect the environment.



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