Cool Ideas of Planters for Moms

Hey there mothers! Do you have limited space on your backyard for putting plants? Would you like to include some beautiful, small flowers on your indoor table? If that is the case, you only have to make DIY planters. These do not have to be large and long. Here are very cool ideas you may follow that you can start doing in summer or spring.

1. Picket Fence or Wood Planter

Essentially, wood is a good piece of material to use in creating a DIY planter. You can recycle your old picket fences, broken picnic table or unused chair. This is very simple to make as you only have to measure, cut and attach wood pieces by nailing and gluing them together. It is up to you whether you go for a square or a rectangle shaped planter, but it would be much better if you paint it for a stunning effect. If you create a small planter made of rustic wood or picket fence, it is an ideal decoration on the living room table, and near the window of the kitchen. Larger planters are usually displayed on the floor beside the front door from the outside or the inside.

2. Burlap Planter

Burlap fabric is another fantastic material to use as a planter. The style of this material makes it a very beautiful piece. You have to put the plant or flower in a pot first and then cover it with burlap. To make it look neat and attractive, tie the burlap with a piece of plain-colored clothing. This will surely catch the attention of your visitors when displayed on top of the table, on the cabinet or even on the stairway at your porch. You may even give one to your new neighbor as a welcome gift or to your mother-in-law during a family gathering.

3. Hanging Planter

You may also try having some planters that are hanged on the fence or deck rail of your porch. This is a unique piece of decoration of your front yard and backyard. Building a deck rail planter is quite difficult, but you need a step by step procedure for this one. You have to fit the planter on the railing of your porch. If you like a post planter, it has to be nailed properly and securely. Another idea of a hanging planter is the use of rain boots. You may have damaged or old pairs of rain boots that you can use as planters. This is a great planter to hang on your fence.

Make your yard greener and more beautiful with these three easy and simple, unique do-it-yourself planters. The plants you put in these would be more noticeable. The use of plants as d├ęcors should be given importance, but at the same time, you do not neglect to take care of them. Regular maintenance and care are very much necessary to lengthen the life span of each and every plant.



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