Community Cleaning for a Greener, Healthier Environment

Getting involved in your community for a much greener environment is a very excellent idea. You cannot just sit down watching local news and giving out your opinions. Sometimes, we even just complain and not do anything. So, it is time to get out of your couch and start helping your local society to have some cleanup within the neighborhood.

When you help do some community cleaning, the benefits are given back to you. You will enjoy living in your area with a fresher and greener environment. You will then feel proud of having your energy and time invested and taken part of the project.

While you do not just try to help clean for you and your own family’s sake, this also gives a means to protect animals, the wildlife and plants. Both water and land in your surroundings are also taken care of.

What are the different ways to clean in your community? To answer this question, here are the following things that you can do to help join the cleanup project in your community.

1. Start at Home and within Your Yard

First and foremost, always begin the cleaning task in your own place, or in other words, your house. How can you help have a greener community if your own home is messy and unorganized? So, make sure that you do the basic household chores, which include the sweeping or raking of leaves in your backyard, and storing of recyclable items and wastes at the proper disposable bins.

2. Volunteer to Give a Hand

Every community has employees who are responsible to do some cleaning from one neighborhood to another. Those include the trash collectors and the recycling centers. What you can do as a resident is to volunteer. This means you do not ask or find for a cleaning job, because, first of all, that’s not probably the right job for your status for sure, but you can always help whenever. That also implies that you help clean without expecting anything in return but the good result of it.

Most of the things you should expect to do when you volunteer to clean are the following:
– sweeping off litter, clearing dirt and debris on the sidewalks
– removing chewing gums
– erasing graffiti and unnecessary posters on walls
– collecting garbage and recyclable items
– washing public benches and playground equipment at the park

3. Practice to Do the Three “R s”

One basic cleaning method is the three Rs, which stand for recycle, reuse and reduce. This is a very common phrase for environmental purposes, but sadly not all are doing them. However, you can always raise the awareness by doing it yourself. Whenever you see some plastic bottles scattering around the streets, pick them up and dump in the right place. You can even go door to door in every house around your neighborhood and collect some newspapers. Once you do this, everyone is encouraged and motivated to do the same. Just have patience and do not be discouraged when people seem not to do so.

4. Talking Out

There is also a good opportunity in just speaking out about cleanliness and recycling. You can help conduct a public affair about how to clean or make the community clean and healthy. It takes a lot of people to do a community cleaning. If only everyone is diligent enough to clean in their own backyard, the entire community will be fresh and clean every day.

Do not wait for your own local authorities or assigned community cleaners to make your place greener, because that’s not going to be successful in a short period of time. You must help out achieve that goal and practice it every day, wherever you are.



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