Common Habits You Never Thought are Bad

Women are very careful when it comes to their skin and hygiene. They use almost all kinds of products just to be able to keep their skin younger, beautiful and healthy. Taking care of yourself is important but there are habits that are actually bad. Here are common habits that are not recommended to do.

1. Cleansing Face in the Morning


It is a common beauty regimen for ladies to cleanse their face. Washing it with the necessary cleansing solution and warm water can help remove dead cells and keep the facial skin healthy. However, there is a specified time to do that, which is before bedtime. Whether you have a makeup on to remove or not, washing your face at night is most recommended. And the next morning, keep your face as it is from last night. You must not wash it as soon as you wake up, unless you are going to shower or bath.

2. Wrapping Wet Hair with a Towel

Wrapping Wet Hair with a Towel

When hair is wet it is more fragile for breakage and even split ends. That’s why after shower, it is essential that you keep your wet hair loose. Just dry it by brushing off with a towel repeatedly. You follow drying it quickly using a blower if desired. The bottom line is to never wrap hair if it is still wet.

3. Brushing Hair Too Often

It is not also advisable to keep brushing or combing your hair. Whether it is wet or dry, you just have to comb it two to three times. The more frequent you brush your hair at once the more fragile it is. You need to wait for a few hours before combing again.

4. Putting Toothbrush Back After Use

What’s wrong with the sub headline about toothbrush? It seems nothing right, but actually, not all of us have the habit of properly cleaning out own toothbrushes. When brushing, germs and bacteria cling on the bristles and rinsing alone won’t be enough. What you need to do is to soak it with hot water to ensure any germs or bacteria left are removed or killed.

5. Pulling Mascara Brush Quickly Off the Tube


There is always a possibility that the brush of the mascara has bacteria. This is accumulated from the eyes, but if it is exposed to air, the more chances of those bacteria to multiply and grow. The solution here is to limit the chance of getting bacteria from air. You can wash the mascara brush with hot water. But you also have to gently pull it out from the tube everytime you use it.

These five beauty habits are not exactly as what most women think or expect in terms of the outcome. Now, that you have learned the real truth, it is essential to avoid doing them. So, ensure that after shower you do not have to wrap your wet hair anymore, and wash your face at night and after 9 to 10 hours at least before you rinse it again.

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