Common Dos and Don’ts of Beach Swimming

Is it just me or summer is on its way pretty soon? The atmosphere begins to become warmer. What you can only think of is to sip some refreshing, cool and delicious orange juice, while soaking under the sun and facing the beautiful water of the beach. As you make a plan to get to the beach this coming summer, here is a reminder of what you need to do and won’t do.

The Dos

1. Do Visit the Beach with a Companion

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Never go to the beach, or pool, alone, because where’s the fun if you are swimming without anyone to talk to and mingle with? Plus, it is a safety technique to have at least one person with you when swimming in the beach.

2. Do Wear Swimming Gears

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Typically, bathing suits or bikinis for women and Speedos for men are the required swimming clothes. They are specifically made for water that won’t give effect to the marine life. They also make the wearers feel comfortable playing and swimming in the water. Goggles may be also necessary to protect your eyes, and life jacket if you do not know how to swim. Most importantly, apply some sun protection so your skin won’t become over tanned. You probably like to maintain a good or neutral tan skin, and not in a way that you look orange, or terribly burning red.

3. Do Swim Within the Allowed Zone

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Beaches are not completely shallow, as we all know it. It is a natural instinct to just swim in an area that you can take. Avoid going further where it is deep, especially if the zone is already prohibited for swimmers, whether you are an amateur or a pro.

4. Do Bring Snacks and Drinks with Disposable Utensils

Unless you want to shell out money to order some food at a nearby restaurant or moveable food cart, bring your snacks with your, along with beverages that must be stored in a cooler. You may need enough food and drinks, depending on how long you are going to stay at the beach. Whether you have a basket of foods or just a few packs, use spoons and forks that are disposable, and you can just throw them afterwards.

5. Do Throw Wastes Properly

One general rule for visitors of the beach is to dump their own garbage and waste at the proper places. In other words, have them thrown in rubbish or trash bins, since most beaches have them around from one station to another. This is very important to protect the environment, especially the water.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t Swim if You’re Sick

Colds, fever, and flu are common illnesses that won’t encourage you to go swimming. If you are sick, you must never think about going to the water where other people are welcome. You do not only want to worsen your condition, but also not a good idea to spread virus or infection in the water. Any disease or sickness related to hand, foot, mouth and eyes should be enough to refrain you from swimming.

2. Don’t Spit or Pee in the Water

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It is not acceptable to do such rubbish things on the beach like spitting and peeing. These are no-nos for any beach swimmers. You have to maintain the good and healthy condition of the sea. Otherwise, it’s a cause of pollution, even if it’s just a small amount. Imagine if the water has been polluted with spits and urines prior to your swimming. You certainly do not want to go to the water if you know that.

3. Don’t Use Boat, Water Ski, Surf Board or any Huge Items for Water within the Swimming Zone

Also, keep in mind that you are going swimming so do not try to bring any items that can obstruct any swimming activities by you and other people. This means you avoid bringing a boat, a surf board, a jet ski or anything that can be a nuisance, or worse, a danger to swimmers.

4. Don’t Let Your Dog Swim

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If you bring a dog, cat or any pet you own on the beach, do not let it swim or go nearby the water. Some swimmers may find it offensive, because the animal may be sick, has lice or with open wounds. Even if none of those conditions are present, those other people won’t confirm that. It’s better to have your pet just play around the sun.

5. Don’t Leave Anything Behind Before You Go Home

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Just before you leave and go back home, ensure that you have cleared everything from the area where you’ve been throughout your beach activity. All disposable and rubbish items must be dumped properly. Every piece of your personal belongings needs to be packed and taken back home. Remember the beach is a public area so try not to leave anything behind.

These dos and don’ts are not hard to forget and apply. You can have an enjoyable time hanging out with your family or friends, but make sure to follow simple rules like what are discussed on this page.



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