Celebrating Earth Day

April 22nd is the date Earth Day is celebrated worldwide. In the United States, this special event has been continually practiced since the year 1970. The purpose of this particular day is to raise awareness about protecting and preserving the environment to its natural state. Here are different ways on how you can celebrate this day.

1. Recycle, Reduce and Reuse

It may not be a regular practice on your part to do some recycling. Well, during Earth Day, it will be a great time for you to do that. Besides, it’s just one day, right? However, you must not just do that once a year. It is not a difficult job to reuse some plastic and glass bottles. Instead of dumping the bottles of your peanut butter, why not use them as containers for your condiments, such as sugar, salt and salad dressing? Throwing garbage the proper way, by separating items from non-biodegradable to biodegradable, is also one way you can do.

2. Help Plant Trees

Many organizations invite volunteers to plant trees during this day. You can look up one in your community and join in the advocacy. You may also plant trees in your own backyard. If the tree you plant in your nearby surrounding bears fruit, you can benefit that once it grows.

3. Sell or Donate Items

This is actually recycling and reusing, too. Whether you donate or sell some of your unwanted personal stuff, it is still a good way to celebrate Earth Day. For a garage sale, clothes, accessories, toys, books and kitchen utensils are the ideal items you can sell. You can opt this if you need extra cash. If not, it is much better to donate them to other people who might need them, like foster or orphan kids. You can also drop them to offices of charities in your local community. Well, you can still sell some items and the proceeds go to a charity of your choice.

4. Sell Lemonade

You also have to invite your kids to join you in celebrating Earth Day. The simplest thing they can do is to sell cups of lemonade. It will be a fun and exciting experience they won’t forget. This is a good way to motivate them get involved in protecting and caring for the environment.

5. Clean Your Premises and Neighborhood Street

Cleaning is a basic means to environmental protection. So, start the Earth Day by getting rid of leaves in your yard, wiping out dust in every room of your house, and mopping your floor. You may also want to extend your cleaning job by going to the nearby streets around your neighborhood. This can help inspire to do the same or indirectly invite others to join as well.

6. Buy Eco-Friendly Products

Earth Day is just a normal day, so that means you can still go out and run some errands. If one of them is stopping by at a local grocery store, be sure you put products in the cart that are eco-friendly.

7. Cook a “Go Green” Meal

You may not be a vegetarian, but on Earth Day, there is no harm trying to cook for some all-healthy foods. Set aside your favorite chicken or beef for awhile, and just prepare vegetables and fruits. From breakfast to dinner, including snacks in between, you must eat healthy foods.

8. Take a Public Transportation or Ride a Bike

When you go out to do some personal stuff, or at your office for work, let your own vehicle stuck in the garage. There are available taxis, buses and trains for sure. If better, just get your bicycle ready and ride it wherever you go throughout the entire day. It helps you save some fuel, and money, of course.

As you can see, there are different ways on how you can celebrate Earth Day on your own. They cannot cause you a lot of money, too, so there is no excuse at all. But remember this: Earth Day must not just be celebrated on April 22. It must be kept in mind every single day, so, as much as possible, you have to do eco-friendly tasks daily like what are discussed above.



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