Causes of Air Pollution – When You Least Expected It

It is a big reality to think that the world is becoming polluted as time flies by. More buildings are constructed, while trees are lessened. While buildings and skyscrapers are easily built in a several weeks, planting trees can be so slow that it takes years for a single one to stand healthily tall.

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If not flood, the environment can be polluted with so much toxins and bad chemicals from different causes. What do we actually do to help prevent the growth of pollution in our community? Are we aware of the factors that can cause air pollution and eventually harm our health and environment at the same time? These are important questions we need to ask ourselves so we are encouraged and motivated to do what is right in order to stop air pollution.

Air pollution is not a new topic for many years, but in fact, continues to grow in popularity in debates. It just indicates evidence that it’s been happening for a long time now. No wonder why we go through different devastating natural forces such as hurricane, flood, and tornado. These things happen because air pollution does affect the ozone layer of the earth. This is the reason why we experience discomfort brought by our climate change.

Generally, there are six popular air pollutants that affect the environment as well as the health of people and animals. These come in the form of various chemicals that are found in humans’ belongings and activities. Sad to say, what we cause to have air pollutions actually come from us. To make this more sensible, let’s identify the various causes of air pollutions.

1. Automobiles

One of the most dangerous chemicals that trigger pollution in the air is carbon monoxide. This may not be familiar to most people but they are actually used a lot of times every second. Just imagine the amount of that toxin can have every minute! Any guess where this is mostly found? If you answered vehicles, you are absolute right. The gasoline that we put into our own automobiles may contain carbon monoxide and when released from the tube, the air is already affected.

Other than land transportations, airplanes also become a factor of air pollution. It makes sense also because it’s literally flying in the air. The cause is the combustion engine exhaust which release smokes that are coming from the engines. Carbon monoxide, gaseous oxide and nitrous oxide are the elements that create smog and released in the air. This alone is a great factor that causes respiratory health issues to people as well as animals.

2. Factories

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Buildings constructed to be factories have chimneys where smoke are released. This is also a part of the ventilation which is quite good for workers. The bad news is that the smog that comes out of factories contains chemicals and toxins. They are obviously harmful and can easily spread in the air causing not only pollution but also health problems as they are inhaled.

3. Dust and Soil Particles

Anywhere we go there are always particles that do not contain good benefits. Because the air is already polluted, everything is prone to the dangerous effect of it. Likewise, the dust and soil particles that are found anywhere can provide a process that pollutes the surrounding more. It just means that the dust we inhale is also a result of this pollution regardless of the main cause. Basically, our surrounding is polluted that wherever we go is a possibility to inhale the bad particles caused by air pollution.

4. Household Items

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Air pollution doesn’t only refer to particles that are exposed outside. There is also pollution trapped inside an enclosed building just like your own home. You may be confident that you are safe from pollution when you’re inside your house but think again and harder. If the house does not have a good ventilation, it is likely possible to inhale some toxins and chemicals from your household items. An example is the new painting coated on the wall. The ingredients of paint are obviously chemicals that are undoubtedly causing bad effects to the health, especially in the respiratory system because it’s easy to inhale the smell of paint. Other household items that are made of chemicals are factors that can cause indoor air pollution. You cannot really avoid using such items but make sure there are enough holes where the bad chemicals and fumes are released, which are able to protect you from inhaling them.

It is surely evident that anywhere is a prone area of air pollution. Whether you are inside or outside your home, there is always danger and threat of air pollution. The least we can do is to use eco-friendly ingredients and things that can help reduce the expansion of air pollution.



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