Build a Home with Toxic Free Floors

Moving into a new abode is exciting, but you know that it’s going to take more weeks before you can finally settle in. While you are still in the beginning or middle of having your house built, it is wise to have non-toxic flooring. You can definitely live in a green home with toxic free floors.

There are many dangers brought by floors that can cause indoor pollution. Most flooring that is used these modern days is made of toxic chemicals, such as carcinogens and formaldehyde. Among the types of floors that contain these harmful elements are carpet, vinyl and laminate. Results vary from simple asthma to mild allergies, and respiratory-related illnesses to life-threatening cancer.

Stay Away from Danger

Whether new or old, carpet is very much sensitive when it comes to unsafe things. Fumes can easily grow from carpet and the bad odor can give you enough headache and anxiety, which may be able to turn the atmosphere into a negative mood.

Aside from the smell, carpet flooring absorbs different types of toxins, such as the dust and dirt from your shoes, and crumbs from your food. Do not forget spills from liquids, including beverage, are causes of smell and stain, which result to indoor pollution, if not cleaned quickly and properly. These are the main reasons why, if as much as possible, you must not have a house that is fully covered with carpet floor.

Vinyl is also a type of home flooring that provides different toxins. This floor is made of PVC and is known to cause “gassing” in an enclosed building, like a residential house. Like the issues of carpet, vinyl flooring is not a new topic to debate on, because the threats to the health and to the environment are obvious.

Opt for Healthy Flooring

If most of the common floor types are not suitable for green living, what are the alternatives to install? There is what it’s called “green flooring”, which is basically non-toxic and eco-friendly, because it is made from recycled and harvested sources. Here are some of the best options that you can have in your new house.

1. Hardwood Floor

The good thing about hardwood flooring is that it consists of a low emission of formaldehyde. It is clearly much healthier and safer to use than other floor types. Also, hardwood is not difficult to clean, so any spot, stain and fumes can be washed off with the right products, which have to be environmentally-friendly, too. Another fact about this flooring is that there are available choices from walnut to cherry, and maple to pecan, with adhesives and finishes that are both non-toxic.

2. Bamboo Floor

Like hardwood, bamboo flooring is a very environmentally-friendly type to install in homes. This does not only provide a safer and greener atmosphere, but also cheap to buy, while it lasts for longer years. You can select solid or engineered bamboo, with different installation options, such as glued, nailed or floating.

3. Cork Floor

Many cork flooring nowadays are made of non-toxic and recycled materials. Whether you go for glued-down tiles or floating plants, cork can make your home a greener place. It is definitely moisture resistant, thermally insulating and eco-friendly. Plus, the appearance of this floor can accentuate the entire room, regardless of theme or color of the walls and ceiling.

4. Marmoleum Floor

Not only stunning and creative to look at, marmoleum flooring is easy to clean and maintain. This kind of floor for home installation is also made from natural ingredients. That’s why it is a great choice if you like to have a green home. With the many selections available, you can have planks, squares, tiles or sheets, either glued down or floating.

5. Tile Floor

Many residential homes are built with tiles, especially in the kitchen or dining room and in the bathroom. While some tile floors are not considered to be green, there are others that are made of recycled sources, and that is the type that you must look when buying for your house. You can still find any color, size and style, as long as it is both safe to use and beautiful to look at once it is installed on the floor.

When selecting floor, it is not always about durability, easy maintenance or cheap price. You also keep in mind the safety of your health by looking at the materials if they are made of toxic free or chemically-mixed sources. Since you have the list of green flooring above, you can easily decide now which one to install for your most awaited, new home. Remember that each kind of floor has its own advantages and disadvantages, but what matters the most is to choose the right one that is safe and environmentally-friendly, which can also turn out to be a good investment.



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