Are Hotdog and Sausages Healthy for Kids?

Hotdogs and sausages are very common foods, especially for breakfast, that most children like to put into their mouth and taste the meatiness and juiciness. Parents know that these are processed foods that are not really healthy. While we can say that they contain protein, there are other compounds, which are usually not nutritional at all. Let’s see if you can have a change of mind in regards to the nutrition content of hotdogs and sausages.

They Contain Sodium

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It is never considered a healthy diet for kids if the foods are packed with high amount of sodium. Sodium nitrite is very common in hotdogs and sausages. This is not just harmful to kids but also to infants and unborn children. They can be at risk of developing brain tumors and other negative effects that can cause ill to the mind, as well as behavior. This is why both pregnant women and children must lessen or avoid the consumption of these processed meats.

They are High Fat Diet

Experts have also proven that both hotdogs and sausages are high in fat. They obviously lack the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are normally found in vegetables and fruits. You can understand how boys and girls love them, and sometimes it is alright to let them taste them. That is alright if you can only cook and serve a few times in a year. But if this is becoming a regular diet for your kids, then that’s not good.

They Cause Cancer

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A lot of brands of these grocery meats have DNA mutating chemicals. Aside from nitrates, these are compounds that increase the risk of cancer. A child, even an adult, has a 20% risk of getting cancer, most specifically colon cancer.

Another type of compound that can produce cancer is N-nitroso compound or NOC. This is converted from the haems (the red pigment) in sausages and hotdogs. They can damage and irritate the cells that line the bowel.

They are Associated with Heart Disease and Diabetes

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It is not surprising if some children are obese. You can ask them regarding their diet, and many of them would give hotdogs and sausages as their answers. That is not just something that parents have to worry about. They are also at risk in diabetes and heart disease. By percentage, the risk of heart disease increases up to 42%, and that is a high number, while diabetes is at 19%.

They Give Flu-Like Symptoms

Children are also prone to mild and common sicknesses. It can be frequent for them to feel a little dizzy, fever, abdominal or stomach pain, and if unfortunate, diarrhea and chills. These are conditions that are something kids do not want to feel. Parents cannot even take situations like that as nothing big deal. As far as health is concerned, both mothers and fathers make sure their kids get well soon.

The best thing every parent must do is to avoid giving sausages, hotdogs, or other kinds of processed meat. While meat is really a part of the diet, unless the family is vegetarian, then try something else that is not processed.

There is also a much healthier choice if you cannot fully get rid of these two particular meats. A few companies that produce hotdogs and sausages are now offering less processed products. They also add more ingredients that make their products a little more nutritious. Those are usually low in sodium and fat, which is better than the standard high-fat processed meats. They may taste less good, but anything that isn’t really delicious is usually the stuff that is more recommended by experts because they have more nutritional values.



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