All-Natural Air Fresheners for Your Home

Grab a commercial air freshener, spray anywhere in your house from room to room and smell the good scent. That’s probably a very familiar thought, isn’t it?

Before you start relaxing and letting have the smell surround your house, ask first if it is eco-friendly and healthy enough. Not all air fresheners you buy in a local store are suitable. You have to make sure they are all green and safe to the health.

It is recommended to just opt for all-natural room freshener to assure the benefits you need. Here are some ingredients that can provide family friendly, all-natural and really scented air fresheners.

1. Herbs

Any types of herbs can be used to make air fresheners. These are exclusively organic, making them a very natural scent for rooms. An important tip here is to choose herbs which leaves and twigs are much sturdier. Some of the best ones to select from are thyme, rosemary and myrrh.

2. Citrus

Orange, lemon, lime, and pomegranate are citrus fruits. What they also have in common is that they provide good scent that is refreshing and cool. This makes a room more comfortable and cozy.

The fragrance of citrus fruits, especially orange and lemon, is more appealing if it is soaked in water. So, bring out your old or used jars and put in slices of fresh citrus fruits and leave it out in the open while set on a table or on top of a cabinet.

3. Spices

There are a whole bunch of spices that are useful for giving fragrance in a room. Yes, these food ingredients are not just ideal for adding flavor to dishes, but also make you nuzzle the air. You just simply soak any spices of your choice in a jar or bottle that is filled with water. The favorite scent of this group is usually cinnamon. You can use sticks of cinnamon for many times and still provide fragrance.

4. Twigs from Trees

Some twigs of trees are able to provide refreshing scents, too. Examples are cedar and pine, which are both commonly found in countries with four seasons. You may have a different taste, but again, twigs are very useful to soak in water for air freshener.

5. Extracts

You may have guessed mint, eucalyptus or vanilla when your eyes read the word “extract”. Obviously, these three are a common type of extract for fragrance. The natural scent of these are so strong and enticing.

Additional: Scented Candles

These five choice types for room freshener are natural. They are excellent air room freshener you can use, instead of the usual commercial ones bought in local stores. From these same ingredients, you can also have the option to use candles with natural fragrance. Just learn the basic steps of how to make homemade candles, and add any of the naturally fragrant ingredients to make them scented. After that, you are ready to display to provide you both light and scent in your house.



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