8 Ways to Recycle Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are one of the items that people can recycle and re-use for different things that can surely beneficial in many ways. They can become additional home décors and containers. Furthermore, recycling this material is a big help to the environment. Are you ready to learn some ways on how you can recycle empty glass bottles of wine, peanut butter, jam, and other condiments or beverages?

1. Terrarium

Bottles like mason jars are a very ideal material to use in keeping plants protected from insects, cold temperature or frost. It is able to help moisturize small plants and herbs with this. Just clean the jars and literally cover plants.

2. Soap and Liquid Dispenser

Though you can buy dishwashing liquids in plastic bottles and soap dispensers, recycling your small glass bottle is eco-friendlier and more cost efficient. Keep the lid on and drill a hole that fits a pump and insert it. That should make it easy to get soap or liquid when you need to wash the dishes or clean the windows and glass tables.

3. Indoor Lights

This next DIY project is a little dangerous because you have to use half of the size of a glass, usually a wine glass. The neck part of the glass is what you have to use as a light cover that you can display in your dining room. So, be sure to wear safety gears, like goggles and gloves all throughout the process of making this project.

To make attach lights to wine glass bottle, first empty and clean it, then allow to dry, most especially the inside. Use a bottle cutter and strictly follow the instructions. Do not forget to tap the bottle through the scour mark made upon using the cutter. Now, place the wine bottle under the faucet and run water over the scour mark. Let cold water first, and then hot until it breaks off. When done, polish the edge with sandpaper to make it smooth, and ready to attach bulb lights.

Prepare the lights and cords. You carefully insert the cord and socket at the opening of the bottle and attach the light bulb. This should work when you switch it on.

4. Porch and Backyard Lights

Other than indoor lighting, you can fix light bulbs using glass jars that you can hang in trees in your backyard and front porch. This idea can set a beautiful and romantic backyard at night, whether there is a special occasion or just an ordinary evening. You fill in the jars with candles and light them up after sunset. You can glue the candles on the bottom of the jar or stuff some sand to hold them.

5. Table Centerpiece

Bottles in any size and form can be also used a centerpiece on a table. It can be a vase to showcase fresh, colorful flowers or a customized table décor. This DIY project allows you to be creative and stylish. You can keep it transparent and just add a ribbon tied around the bottle, paint spray or warp it with yarns or thin ropes.

You may also just display a beach themed set of glasses. That is fun when you adorn the bottles and jars with beach sand, shells and fake starfish.

A glass is also a good material to use to display photos. There are wide sized bottles and jars where you can insert some old photos, whether in black and white or colored quality. It can make a memory lane in your house.

6. Wedding Table Number

On a wedding, glass bottles and jars are also useful as seat or table numbers. Instead of printing numbers on special card paper, just paint the outer part of each glass. Fill in with adornments like beach sand and shell, or maybe a flower vase, so you do not have to use other container for the flower arrangement on the table.

7. Christmas Tree Stand

A stand for a customized Christmas tree is a beautiful project you can make using a glass bottle or a jar. You do not have to make a standard size and form of a traditional Christmas tree. Just pick a thin branch that you can fill in the bottle then hang Christmas balls, ribbons, snowflakes and other elements used for the holiday.

8. Herb Pots

Glass bottles that are wide and stout can be used as pots of small flowers and herbs, too. They are great indoor plants to display on top or inside cabinets, windowsills in the kitchen and living room table.

Glass bottles and jars are the packaging materials of certain things, which include foods and beverages. No matter what the origin is, these materials are recyclable and re-used for a variety of things just like the eight ones discussed above.



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