8 Steps in Building a Laundry Room

Whether it’s in the basement, the extra room, the old dirty kitchen, or the extension of your home, having a laundry room makes your productive and more convenient. Here are steps, along with tips and ideas, on how you can create a laundry room.

Step 1 – Sketch a Floor Plan

Planning is necessary in any home project like building a laundry room. You need to measure the size of the room, create a floor plan, and identify which essential amenities and facilities are needed in this place. You can make a simple floor plan sketch by drawing. This is just to give you a more organized and easier way to set things up. You need to know where the faucet must be, and the location of the washing machine, the storage cabinet for laundry detergents, towels, etc.

Step 2 – Prepare Materials

Once you are done with your floor plan, start gathering essential tools and materials in building your dream laundry room. Make sure to have all the complete materials and tools, which are as follows:

For Painting: painter’s tape, degreaser, paint roller, paint brush, paint tray, heat gun, hammer, chisel, level, tape measure, pencil

For Tile Flooring: paper, base molding, chalkboard paint, shelves, L-brackets, hook bracket, door casing, tiles (linoleum recommended), tile adhesive, drill, safety goggles, rubber gloves, tracing paper, box cutter, notched trowel

Step 3 – Paint the Room

Get all the tools and materials for painting. Start applying semi-gloss base coat to all four walls and ceilings. Your chosen paint color must have already made during the first step, when you are sketching and making a floor plan. Let the base coat dry for several hours, or much better overnight. Remember that base molding and chalkboard have different paint colors.

Step 4 – Remove Old Floor Tiles

After painting the walls, it is time to work on the flooring. You may need to change the tiles with a more cheerful shade. If so, get a heat gun, a chisel and hammer to remove the old tiles. You use a heat gun to easily loosen tile adhesive, and then start peeling the tiles off with a hammer and a chisel. Both the hammer and the chisel work together in removing old tiles.

Step 5 – Install New Tiles

When you are done removing old tiles, clean the space before you apply the new flooring. This is the step in which you use a degreaser. Ensure to thoroughly wipe out dust and debris.

Apply tile adhesive onto the floor and spread throughout the area using a notched trowel. Let it dry for several minutes. After the adhesive is set, place each tile onto the floor until you complete covering the entire area. You start putting tiles at the most end of the room, and not near the door. Along this process, you will need to cut tiles so they can fit. Use the right tools for this for a better result.

Step 6 – Clean the New Floor

When the floor is fully covered with tiles, clean the excessive adhesive. You can use a rag here. Then, paint thinner on the floor, seal tiles with sealant, and apply base molding wherever needed. Let the new floor dry overnight or up to 24 hours.

Step 7 – Install a Folding Top

You may not need to do this step. Instead, have a professional contractor install a countertop that you can use in folding newly washed clothes. This can help you save time and avoid making mistakes, since you already have a new floor and walls.

Step 8 – Set all Appliances and Equipment

If the walls are painted and new tile flooring is set, the only thing left you have to do is to fill in the room with the necessary laundry items. Have your washing machine and dryer put in the corner you have selected. In another corner of the room, place the cabinet stuffed with clean towels and another shelf containing the laundry detergents and soaps. Put everything you need in washing and folding your clothes.

These are 8 steps in creating or renovating a laundry room that you can set in your house. There must be a good place where you do your laundry. This makes your job much easier, quicker, more comfortable and more conducive.



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