7 Ways to Exercise With Your Children

Quality time with your family is an essential thing. You have to ensure you read them bedtime stories, watch TV with them, and make breakfast for them. Despite your busy schedule at work or business, having enough time with children is a must to every parent.

A good idea is to bring your kids with you when you do some workout. There are a lot of outdoor activities that you can do to stretch your muscles and joints, which your kids may do as well.

Exercise should not be only encouraged to young people and adults. Children should also know the importance and essence of exercising. This is very much helpful to them as they still are in their process of fully developing. It will also help with their growth physically.

Once kids are engaged to certain activities, the more they will appreciate life and nature. This is a great way for them to learn more about themselves, too. They will soon figure out what will interest them. Who knows one of your kids may be a mountaineer, an athlete or an environmentalist. When they know more about the nature, there is a much better way for them to protect and support it.

What are the different ways you can do with your kids as you exercise at the same time? As a matter of fact, there is a variety of exercises that you and your children can have fun together. Here are seven that you will certainly like to do with your little boys and girls.

1. Hiking

One enjoyable activity that parents and kids must do regularly is hiking. This is classic but still fun. In this age of technological advancement, it is really important to have some time to go out and just enjoy the outdoors together.

Playing video games on the computer or tablet for hours for several times a week can make your kids unhealthy. You have to encourage and push them to try hiking in the woods or in a nearby hill, too. The local park and beach are also great places where you can hike. Besides, hiking is plain walking and sightseeing at the same time. A 30-minute walk in a place where your kids see different things won’t be that difficult at all.

2. Bike Riding

If your kids are between 8 and 12, they can definitely ride bicycle. Riding on a bike together is another fantastic outdoor activity a family needs to do. This is probably more exciting than just plain walking. Give your kids a bicycle each and let them have fun driving or riding during the weekends, or at noon after they finish their homework. Grab your own bicycle and join them for a fun race.

3. Dancing

This next activity may not necessarily happen outside. You can absolutely do this at home, or at your backyard near the poolside. Kids at a very young age like to dance, even though they are not yet good at it. It is the first step to learning how to dance and loving it, though.

Dancing is not also expensive, as you only have to use a sound system and a set of CDs. Kiddie songs are a good choice, but even the latest music around will not be a bad option, at all.

4. Swimming

Whether by the pool or on the beach, swimming is an enjoyable thing to do. Many kids love being in the water. They will surely love to swim at anytime. It is also a form of exercise because the whole body has to move. This is a good stretcher for their arms and legs. This means that you must teach your kids how to swim, too.

5. Golfing

Playing golf is a fun sports. It is a good idea to introduce your kids this particular sport. Later in their lives, they will use this as a hobby. While they are still young, it is best to let them hold a club and make their first swing. This is an enjoyable and exciting way to exercise with your kids, too.

6. Bowling

Another activity, which is also considered a sports, that you and your kids can do is bowling. Let them have fun one late afternoon and hit to the bowling area. In fact, you can also buy a set of bowling toys. You can use this at home anytime. Bending is the main stretcher here, so it can also be a small workout for your kids, and you, too.

7. Playing Football

Catching, running and wrestling are the things you do in playing football. It is a family sports to do once or more in a week at your own backyard, especially if it is spacious. Kids who can catch and run are able to enjoy this.

Have time with your kids doing health beneficial activities. It won’t be bad to schedule a few hours with them. Since you are a parent, it is really a must to find your own time with your children. So, the seven ideas of how you can have fun and exercise altogether are the things you must do with your boys and girls.



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