7 Surprising Snacks that are Considered Vegan Foods

Most of us know that vegan foods are those organic vegetables, fresh fruits, grains, crunchy nuts, tiny seeds and legumes. You’d be surprised that a few of your favorite grocery snacks are actually considered vegans. When a food is classified as vegan, it means there are no meat and dairy products included as ingredients. So, you may be wondering now which among those ready-to-eat or packed snacks are vegan. Here are 7 of them that can surely make you wow!

1. Oreos

Yes, the famous “twist, lick and dunk” milk cookies are surprisingly vegan! You may think this favorite cookie brand of most kids nationwide, and perhaps worldwide, contains dairy products. It is true that you can lick and dunk to a glass of milk, which is a dairy food, but the ingredients of this cookie has no dairy products at all. Now, this cookie just made even healthier for kids to eat while they’re watching TV, playing, or studying.

2. Ritz Crackers

This brand of classic crackers is also a vegan snack. Why, it’s because there are no dairy products or animals used as ingredients. Each cracker piece does taste buttery and crunchy. It is not only a delicious snack for kids and adults, but also a healthy food to eat no matter how regular your grocery shopping is.

3. Doritos, Spicy Sweet Chili Flavor


Doritos is popularly known as a junk food because of how it is packed and most basically how it is made. While the flavors Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch are manufactured with dairy products, the Spicy Sweet Chili flavor contains no milk or cheese. That makes it a vegan snack to eat by kids, teens and adults, but be warned it might be too “spicy” and “chili” to take. Make sure to have a glass of cold water or juice to neutralize its spiciness. Also, there are other ingredients that can cause discomforts, including headache. It simply implies that it is not recommended by nutritionists to be factually healthy.

4. Fritos


Another favorite brand of finger foods that is grouped as vegan, but not fully nutritious take note, is Fritos. If you read the label, you’d see that most of the ingredients contain whole corn, corn oil, and salt, which are natural foods. They just make a little bit healthier than any other chips commercially sold out there.

5. Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

Sometimes, it is not a bad option to eat bread and pastries that are packed and sold in grocery stores. Just make sure they are gluten free to make it much healthier. And speaking of a healthy baked good, the Crescent Rolls by Pillsbury consists of many vegetable oils. This pastry makes it a vegan snack to eat or food for a quick lunch.

6. Kellogg’s Unfrosted Pop-Tarts

Kellogg’s Unfrosted Pop-Tarts

There is a variety of flavors of this sandwich cookie from blueberry to strawberry, and pumpkin pie to brown sugar cinnamon. Some, like the strawberry flavor of this unfrosted pop tart brand, are regarded as vegan. That is because of the absence of whey and gelatin, which are actually found in other flavors. If you haven’t known, gelatin is a substance that is created from collagen, which is taken from the skin and/or bones of animals.

7. Brach’s Mandarin Orange Slices

Brach's Mandarin Orange Slices

Gummy bears and other soft candies are favorite quick snacks of most kids, and even teens and adults. To have some bites of a more nutritious candy, try the Mandarin Orange Slices of Brach’s. They contain zero gelatin, which means it is free from animal products.

Are any of these snacks the favorite munchies of your children? Whether your answer is a yes or not, it is obvious that they are much better to eat than other commercial snacks or grocery ready-to-eat foods available in stores. While it is alright to let kids eat of these things but not in a regular basis, you should still not replace them to dismiss fresh fruits, vegetables and other organic foods.

Probably, the next time you visit the local grocery store downtown, you’d include some or all of these yummy snacks on your list. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you do not frequent it.

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