7 Natural Ways to Cure Canker Sore

It is as tiny as a black pepper, but a cancer sore is a big detriment because it gives you pain and discomfort. You have had it for several times for as long as you remember. But you know that having them more over time can be annoying.

Although they are not harmful and contagious, canker sores should be alleviated as quickly as possible. You will suffer the pain it caused from three to ten days. But who wish to have it for a week or more? So, what you need to do is to learn some remedies that can make it go away and find relief.

Before you identify some natural treatments against canker sores, it is also important that you know the causes or risks of this oral problem. There are many causes of canker sores, but not really accurate. However, you must still be aware of those things to help avoid or lessen the risk of having this kind of sore.

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Experts believe that stress and fatigue are common triggers of canker sores. Poor or unhealthy diet is another possible cause. Injury in and around the mouth, from gums to cheeks, and tongue to lips, can be also blamed. Some foods, especially spicy and citrus ones, can develop a canker sore, too.

1. Rinse with Salted Water

Have your mouth rinsed with water mixed with salt. This helps shrink the sore and relieve pain. Salt is known to alleviate temporary pain in the mouth, including oral thrush. You can definitely rely on this quick, natural solution.

2. Sip Some Apple Cider Vinegar

Another organic solution against canker sores is an apple cider vinegar. This is also proven to treat some mouth problems. You mix a teaspoon of vinegar in water, most especially warm water. You may optionally add a small amount of calcium-magnesium powder, too. Drinking this mixture can eventually flush sores down.

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3. Apply Ice Cube

This next solution does not make canker sore vanished. However, you may feel much better if you put in an ice cube into your mouth. When pain seems unbearable, then this is a great help.

4. Eat a Candy with Cayenne

Lozenges are usually a type of over-the-counter reliever against pain in the mouth and throat. There are candies that can alleviate pain. For canker sores, choose some with cayenne. Cayenne has a compound called capsaicin that eases pain.

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5. Rub on Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera has many health benefits, including mouth issues, such as bad breath and canker sores. You can cut and take a small piece of aloe vera from its plant, then apply the juice around the area in your mouth with the sore.

6. Avoid Foods that Trigger Canker Sores

Some foods can create some negative reaction like the development of lesions in the mouth. This is a possible cause of a canker sore. So, technically you have to avoid eating anything that causes and can worsen this condition. Try to stay away from foods that have citric acid. You also avoid hot and spicy foods. Some of them include nuts, strawberries, tomatoes, chocolates, spices, shellfish, and even coffee.

7. Take Vitamins

Deficiency in vitamins and minerals can give you a lot of problems from minor to serious ones. Among those issues include canker sores. So, to avoid having this kind of oral lesions in the future, it is best that you take the right vitamins. Make sure that you consult a doctor though to get the correct prescription.

This white spot is not usually harmful, but if it does not shrink and still gives you pain after ten days, you must take it more seriously. It means you need to see a physician and have it checked up. It can be a critical condition already that needs serious and immediate treatment that natural remedies alone cannot cure. Regardless, always remember these 7 quick treatments to relive pain and ultimately remove the sore.



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