7 Advantages of Planting Trees

Trees are very beneficial to all of us and to the environment. They can provide a lot of things that we will enjoy and appreciate. While those are very obvious, not all are involved of its environmental awareness. Yet, more illegal loggers are continually reducing the number of tress in the woods. Aside from air and water pollution, that is a big problem in the long run. But, it is not too late to promote and do solutions.

Planting trees is the best solution to replace those that are cut. This is not new anymore, as it is a well-known activity during Earth day. Many people gathered together to plant trees in some areas of mountains and even plain surfaces. However, it must not be only conducted during this special day. We must be encouraged to plant trees more than once in a year.

Tree planting is a method where you can add and replace trees that can serve as a big help for the future generation. With this, there are many benefits that we can enjoy. To refresh our mind and get encouraged, here are the reasons why planting trees is very significant.

1. Act as Filter against Pollution


One of the advantages of doing this environmental activity is to have or maintain clean air in our surroundings. With the amount of pollutants that affect the ozone layer oxygen, we do not have enough clean air to breathe in. This can result to many health problems, such as colds, asthma, lung problem, heart attack, and cancer.

2. Help Recycle Water

Recycle WaterDC

Another helpful result of planting trees in our own community is that it provides cleaner water. To scientifically explain this, the roots of the trees act as a filter of water from rain or tap water. This can bring clean water back in the land that can form as river, lake, and other water forms.

3. Prevent Loss or Reduction of Healthy Soil

Healthy SoilUSDA

The roots, whether small or big, also make the soul in the ground to stay formed together. This is one effective way to help soil collapsed, which provides an advantage when big or heavy rain pours down in the community. It can prevent flood as the water is sipped by the trees’ roots.

4. Create Shade

ShadeIan Sane

This is good for everyone who owns a home. Trees are not only found in the woods and mountainous areas. You can certainly plant a few trees right at your own backyard, front area, and the sides of your house. This provides shade from the sun, as it gives more and cleaner air.

5. Give Shelter from Strong Wind and Rain

Water DropsSteve

We, people, can be protected from rain and wind by trees. It can serve as a block wall against strong winds. Although it does not fully cover you from the pouring rain, the leaves and trunks of the trees can reduce the amount of water drops.

6. Provide Shelter to Animals


People are not the only beneficiaries of trees. Naturally, they are a shelter to many of the wildlife, most especially birds.

7. Produce Foods


Some trees bear fruits that we enjoyable eat. This is one great benefit of having trees around us. They are not just edible objects, but healthy foods that we can eat every day. Also, remember the fact that fruits produced by certain trees do not only provide foods to us, but also to animals.

Trees are truly very important to both humans and animals. That makes it significant to continue planting trees. We may not see a better change soon, but the next generation can benefit from it.



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