6 Home Workouts to Boost Metalbolism for Women

Hey mothers, single ladies and even teens! Do you have some problem in regards to your metabolism? Do you need to sweat from time to time for a much healthier body? If you say yes, then these 6 exercises are your best options! What’s more interesting is that you won’t need tools or equipment (just hand barbell or dumbbells) and not to go out of your house! Here are the workout challenges for you.

Workout 1: Scissor Switch

Scissor Switch

Position yourself by bending your left knee as you right leg is facing forward with the left arm extended overhead, palm facing in, and the right arm down by the side. Jump as you switch the positions of your arms and legs. Repeat the switch, do as fast as you can, and rest for 10 seconds. Do 5 reps a day.

Workout 2: Overhead Split Squat Knee Pull

Do a split stance with your right leg facing forward, left heel lifted as you hold dumbbells at a shoulder level (elbows bent in by sides and palms facing in). Split squat, bend the knees, push your hips back, and extend arms overhead with the dumbbells still on the hand (lifting position) for 2 to 3 seconds. Return to step 1 and repeat until you finish 10 reps for each side.

Workout 3: Pushup to Opposition Reach

Pushup to Opposition Reach

Start with a pushup position (straight-arm plank and hands shoulder-width apart, elbows bent in by sides with lower torso towards the floor), press back up, extend right or left arm (palm facing in) out straight in front of your shoulder, as your left leg lift up behind hip with toes pointed. Hold for a second or two and repeat the first step alternating the arms and legs. Do 5 reps for the first week and increase the number of reps until you can make 10 reps regularly.

Workout 4: Side Plank Push Up

Side Plank Push Up

This somewhat requires balance as you need to lie on your right side. The right forearm should be on the floor with angled front as the left hand is placed behind head or at the hip, and ribcage and hip away from the ground. Press down with the body aligned, ribcage slightly touching the floor but hip down. Extend left arm, press up, and extend the right leg to cross it behind left and position the body for a 1-rep push up. Turn to the other side and do the same step-1 position but with the left forearm on the floor. Try 3 to 5 reps for each side.

Workout 5: Chest Press Bridge

Chest Press Bridge

Use a pair of dumbbells for this exercise. Lie faceup, pressed down on the floor, hold the weights just above the chest as arms are extended and palms are facing in. Separate feet, a hip-width apart. Press up, so the back to the thighs are not touching the floor, and lift arms at the same time. Return to step 1 and repeat until you make 10 to 15 reps.

Workout 6: Squat Clap Jump

Do a squat position, and extend arms out leveling the shoulders with palms facing up. Jump up, clap hands together as legs and feet meet together, and land in the step-1 position. Do 3 reps or more.

Most of these exercises are completed within 10 minutes. So that means any of the workouts won’t make you consume a lot of time. You do not have an excuse to skip working out as that very short period of time is something people can easily do. With short minutes and easy steps, what else could you ask for aside from improving your metabolism?

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