6 Healthy Fruit Juices to Drink Everyday

Maintaining a good posture, young-looking complexion, and optimum health should be the goal of every individual. Foods have a big impact to that. They can give either benefits or problems. It is alright to eat foods that are less nutritional sometimes. As long as you drink juices extracted from real fruits on a daily basis, this objective won’t be difficult to aim.

Oily dishes and fatty foods are among the foods to stay away from because they contain toxins and harmful compounds that can lead to diseases. But there are fruits and vegetables that can act as counterparts. These are more recommended foods to eat as they help us maintain good healthy and improve our body systems.

Now, let’s just focus on fruits, particularly juices. Fruits can be eaten raw, but you can also make them as juices, smoothies, or shakes. The minerals and vitamins of fruits can still be absorbed when drank. When you drink a healthy juice, you basically protect and improve your immune system, which gives you a high chance to be free from diseases and infections.

Pomegranate Juice

This fruit is not very common in Western societies, but very familiar as a part of Middle Eastern diet. As a matter of fact, it is native to Iran. Anyway, this juice is rich in vitamin C, folic acid or foliate, iron, and potassium. There are also antioxidant benefits, which helps prevent heart disease and cancer.

Blueberry JuiceImage Source: tasteofnovascotia

Blueberry Juice

This juice is another way to sustain vitamins that the body needs. It is easy to make and delicious to drink. Most importantly, it is packed with vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. It is one of the berry fruits that have high content of antioxidants.

Cranberry Juice

Antioxidants and vitamin C are the main benefits that you can get from drinking this fruit juice. These are two compounds that can make the aging process to slow down. Women who have issue with wrinkles and aging can find relief through cranberry juice. Aside from this, cranberry is a fruit that has good effect in a particular health condition, which is urinary tract infection or UTI. There are compounds that prevent the buildup of bacteria that store in the bladder.

Tomato Juice

This seems to be not a favorite choice of juice by many. But did you know that tomato juice can also give you plenty of healthful benefits? Adding this juice into your diet will help you boost your immune system and lower your blood pressure. Lycopene is the most well-known nutrient that is found in tomatoes. This is a substance that has effect in preventing cancer. Other than beta-carotene, you can also absorb vitamin E and vitamin C.

Acai Berry JuiceImage Source: alibaba

Acai Berry Juice

Drinking a glass of acai berry juice every day is clinically proven to be effective in protecting the body against cancer. It is also essential in slowing down the process of aging due to its anti-aging properties. This is actually a kind of berry fruit that contains antioxidants.

Image Source: blogs.kqed

Apple Juice

Apple is a great source of many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, which is good for the body. Vitamins that are present in this fruit can heal superficial wounds and optimize dental health. It is also proven to improve bones. Another nutrient this fruit contains is fiber that is good for digestion. To add the list of benefits, this has python-nutrients that help lower LDL or bad cholesterol.

With so many diseases and infections you can possibly get, it is very important to prevent them and maintain or protect your body from harmful bacteria, viruses. The list of six juices mentioned above is one easy way for you to achieve that goal. You can definitely make juices daily without any problem as you only need a few minutes to make a pitcher or a glass of this drink. If you like to remain healthy, it is best that you start drinking these juices every single day. You can enjoy the health benefits in the long run these juices promise. Remember to choose healthy fruits that you can make as beverages, and you will get the necessary nutrients and benefits.



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