6 Easy Ways to Remedy Eye Irritation

Scratching your eyes over and over is quite annoying. It does not only make you uncomfortable, but also worsen the irritation in and around your eyes. Whether it’s minor or not, never scratch your eyes repeatedly. Instead, do one of these remedies to cure eye irritation.

1. Cucumber

You may have heard cucumber can cool down the eyes or even tried putting some slices on cucumber one very sunny morning. That’s precisely what you need when you have eye irritation. The properties of this certain fruit are able to treat inflammation and irritation in the eyes. Once you feel irritation, put on a slice of cucumber each on your eyes. But make sure that you soak those cucumber slices in a cold water for 5 to 10 minutes before placing them to the affected area.

2. Ice Cold Compress

If the coolness of cucumber can able to cure eye inflammation or irritation, then anything cold can be a great help, too. That is absolutely true! Just take an ice pack and place on the affected eyes. Ice cubes in an ice bag is also a good idea. Even just a simple wash of the face and eyes with ice, cold water can ease the pain and irritation.

3. Tea Bags

Okay, this next item may not be a familiar remedy tool. It may be your first time to hear it but it does soothe the pain caused by inflammation and irritation in the eyes. Tea powder in a bag consists of bioflavonoids, which is able to fight infections, such as viral infection and bacterial infection. Put two dry tea bags and place on your eyelids, but if the eyes are swollen, you better moisten them with cool water for a much better and quicker result.

4. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera extract is commonly known as hair solution. This is also helpful to treat eye problems, such as minor irritation, inflammation and swelling. What you need to do is to prepare the juice of aloe vera and mix it with some cold water. It is much better if you put the mixed liquid in the fridge before you soak a piece of cotton and dab around your eyes and eyelids. The refreshing coolness and healing properties against bacteria or germs are the factors of curing eye irritation.

5. Chamomile

Chamomile is not only a good ingredient for fragrance. This is also an excellent solution to treat eye irritation. Get some dried flowers of this plant and mix them with water. Boil together and strain afterwards. Use the liquid as an eyewash, so you basically rinse your eyes with it.

6. Milk and Honey

Cold items may be a very good choice to ease the soreness and pain of an irritated eye. Warm liquid like the combination of milk and honey would be also an ideal remedy. First of all, honey contains properties that fight bacteria. On the other hand, milk is a soothing solution. When both are mixed, they are very helpful in treating eye problems. In fact, this solution is a cheap way to cure conjunctivitis. How this is done is to use the liquid as an eyedropper. It is recommended to pour 2 or 3 drops, but should be more than once in a day, until the irritation is treated.

Treating minor issues in your eyes does not have to cost you a large amount of money. The six suggestions above are natural remedies to cure eye irritation, inflammation, sore and swelling. This should become handy whenever you need to ease discomfort and pain brought by some eye problems.



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