5 Ways to Cut Down Energy Consumption at Home

There are many things that you can do to lower your electric bills. I’ve started doing ways that help me cut down my energy bills a year ago. For the time being, I was able to save around 20 to 30%!

Are you willing to take some options to save money in your electric bills? This needs lots of patience, hard work, and positive thoughts though. It is like trying to lose weight, so consistency is a must.

Washing machineImage Source: sumaria

Many houses today spend huge amount in electricity. Energy productions are applied when appliances and other electronic devices are used. They are several appliances that must be plugged in, such as air conditioner, heater, flat iron, refrigerator, light, shower, TV, washing machine, and radio. These are necessary at home in sustaining your needs and comfort.

But they can give you headache and stress when they consume a high amount of electricity! This does not mean that you need to stop using or place some of your appliances into the garage room. You can still use those items, and enjoy their functions and benefits. You only need to adapt in order to have a lower production of electricity.

Be not deceived on the advertisements or green promotions you see on TV. Most of the time, they are exaggerated. You may end up wasting more money rather than saving. Remember that advertising is an act of selling the product, so you have to be wise on what appliances you are going to buy and use later.

Reusing is one general way to help you cut down energy. Let’s say the water you use in rinsing clothes can be reused to clean the flooring in the kitchen or wash your car. The use of water somehow has allotment in the utility bills.

Cutting down the use of energy seems difficult. It can be at first but you will get used to it and actually enjoy it. But don’t rush yourself as you may quit in a short period of time. It is better if you take one step at a time. Deal with one option before you try or add other.

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For instance, you first start with replacing your room light bulbs into florescent lamp, and then later clean your air conditioner. Once you are used to doing that or have completed doing it, you may go for other options, such as inspecting your windows and doors, and choosing electric fan rather than air conditioner.

Knowing how to limit your energy use is not only inside the house. You can also do this outside, your in-laws’ house, friends’ house, workplace, or maybe your business location. This is a green living habit that you must start doing. You do not only get the benefits but also contribute in the general consumption of electricity. Just make this a long term goal and strictly follow it. In a year or more, you are able to save a lot of money from your energy bills.



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