5 Tricks to Keep Your Rubber Shoes Usable and Good Looking

Rubber shoes are primarily used for playing sports and working out. Sometimes, a pair of this type of shoes is worn for casual activities, like shopping the grocery store, attending a barbecue party, and fetching kids from school. Regardless of the usage, this should be well taken care of. It saves money in the long run if you are able to use the same pair of rubber shoes for a longer period of time. That means there is a need to do some maintenance and cleaning. Here are quick tips that you must know and do to keep your shoes still useful and looking brand new again.

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1. Store Properly

If you do not use your shoes, ensure it is placed at a rack. You must have at least one shoe rack for all of your shoes, including the rubber ones. Shoes need to stay in an airy, dry place.

2. Clean Regularly

Before you put them onto the rack, the shoes must be cleaned. By the time you are going to use it, it would be a quick grab and wear. This lessens any hassle too, especially if you are in a hurry. Most importantly, it increases its long usage, while reduces easily wear and tear.

To clean rubber shoes, use a shoe-friendly detergent, although you can use toothpaste, and a brush. Mix the detergent with water and mix. Soak the brush with the soapy water and apply on the shoes to brush off dirt and stain. Gently scrub to avoid damaging the material. The laces should be removed and soaked in a soapy water, while you are cleaning the shoes. The soles must have been out as well to easily clean it. Rinse after and hang under the sun to dry.

3. Check for Damages

It is not time consuming to check your shoes for any wear and tear. This is another helpful to take care of your rubber shoes. The earlier you detect any possible threat for its lifespan, the better chance of keeping it from being fully damaged. Remember there are places where you can have shoes fixed.

4. Keep Away from Heat

As much as possible, rubber shoes must be stored in an airy area. There are places where people store them, such as the back of the car, which is not a good idea as it can warm up in time. This means that you must not let it get exposed to heat.

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5. Avoid Muddy and Rugged Surfaces

It is alright to hike in the woods, run at the park and walk on any grounds. Just do not try hard to step on places that are quite spiky and obviously muddy.

Though you can buy rubber shoes anytime, it must not be a goal of keeping it in a short period of time. With a regular cleaning and checkup, your pair of rubber shoes should be usable for many years. Plus, this habit is a way to keep it looking good and as brand new.



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